This Lease Agreement made on [Date___________] by and between:


[LESSOR (LANDLORD) NAME] of ________________________________

[LESSOR (LANDLORD) ADDRESS], _________________________

Here in after referred to as “Lessor”,


[LESSEE (TENANT) NAME] ofThe Parties, also known as [Lessee (Tenant) ADDRESS ________________], hereinafter referred to as “Lessee,” concur in the following:


1. Description Of Leased Premises: The following [PROPERTY TYPE (EX: “OFFICE”)] is described below, and the lessor agrees to lease it to the lessee. Located at [PROPERTY ADDRESS] is square feet (SF) of [SQUARE FOOTAGE] (type of office space).

Additional Description: [Property Description_______________________________] 

2. Use Of Leased Premises: The Premises are being leased by the Lessor to the Lessee, and the Lessee hereby agrees to lease the Premises for the usage and purposes listed below:

Only with the Lessor’s prior written consent may the Premises be used or intended to serve a purpose other than those listed above. 

3. Term Of Lease: The duration of this lease is [#]years[#]months, beginning on [START DATE] and ending at midnight on [END DATE].

(1) (Initial Term)

4. Base Rent: The first payment is required at the start of the Lease, and subsequent monthly installments are due on the office space [#]day of each month. The net monthly payment shall be [MONTHLY RENT (IN WORDS)]dollars [MONTHLY RENT (NUMBERS)].

This “Base Rent” refers to the aforementioned net monthly payment.

A pro-rata portion of the monthly rent will be charged for any period during the term hereof that is shorter than one month.

Lessee’s Signature:                                                         

Printed Name: 

Printed Date:

Lessor’s Signature: