Coworking/ Shared Office Space – What Is It?

Coworking Office Space: Individuals who operate in a coworking office space have the flexibility to collaborate with different groups of people or enterprises. Communication, security, strong internet, and other amenities are available in a shared/co-working workplace. For many businesses, shared coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular since they provide a cost-effective and practical alternative.

Shared office spaces contain facilities such as: 

  1. Utilities and basic Office Supplies
  2. Air Conditioning Services
  3. Serviced Storage options
  4. Integrated Surveillance
  5. Shared office space near employee household

Key Point: As per estimates, by the end of 2024, there would be 41,975 coworking spaces throughout the globe. Coworking is a unique, revolutionary expert working facility that allows multiple independent businesses to share a location and collaborate.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces Hourly & Monthly Rental Services In Bangladesh

There are benefits if you choose to work in a Shared/Co-working work space In Bangladesh. Operating in a coworking environment can be a lot of fun, and it’s a wonderful way to meet other professionals and entrepreneurs.

The most notable benefits are listed below:

1. Flexibility: Dedicated conference rooms, Flexi sitting areas, dedicated workstations/table settings on a weekly, or even regular basis to fit the financial requirements of individual experts or businesses are just a few of the possibilities available in a typical shared office space.

2. Cost-effectiveness: The leasing costs are split in half when the office space is halved. The most significant benefit of a coworking space is its cost-effectiveness. Your setup expenses are reduced, and scalability is as simple as hiring an additional workstation as needed.

3. Networking: The goal of coworking spaces is to build a society of innovative collaborators. assisting you in meeting and connecting with more incredible business people who may become possible buyers or partners.

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Factors To Determine The Ideal Co-working Office Space

While choosing the ideal spaces coworking/shared workspace in Bangladesh, you need to understand the fundamental factors that define a good co-working office space. These factors are mentioned below.

These are: 

  1. Adequate Space
  2. Security Controls
  3. Surveillance Facilities
  4. Healthy Food and Catering Service
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance Services
  6. Wifi Connection and Mailing Services

Issues with ​​Coworking Spaces Hourly & Monthly Rental Services In Bangladesh

Locating the ideal Coworking spaces can be difficult at times, there are a few unexpected problems that you might come across. Below, we have listed a few issues that our clients have faced in the past.

These are: 

Privacy Issues: In some of these coworking office spaces establishments, privacy might be a concern, especially if you decide on a very chaos-less, pin-drop silence approach to life. Unlike business hubs that are available in several locations and possess more of a strict business policy.

Negotiation: To pursue a good rental rate, you would have to find the sweet spot for you and your land-owner. In that way, you can decide on the best and lowest possible rental rate for your business coworking office space.

Final Verdict

Shared office/coworking office spaces are a great way to cut expenses by establishing a good office space for your team. However, this can be a tiring job, you can always hire an expert to do those jobs for you.