Discover Why Hotels Are Less Popular Than Short-Term Furnished Apartments In Modern Times

If you’re getting willing to send your group on business travel, they might be thinking of booking a short-term furnished apartment or a business hotel will be the most cost effective choice for your team’s needs. You’ll discover how short-term furnished apartments differ from conventional hotels in this post. We’ll also assist you in determining which course of action is best for your company.

Hotels provide a place to live when on the road. They would at the very least come with one or two bedrooms, one or two sleeping beds, and a wash room. When you arrive, you check in and are given a place to live before continuing on your way.

Short-term furnished apartments offered for short periods, from a few days to weeks or longer” is the definition of a short-term rental.

Options in this area include:

  1. Occupational housing
  2. Additional housing units
  3. Temporary residence
  4. Rentals for trips

Short-term accommodations can occasionally resemble residences more than conventional motels. They frequently include kitchens, numerous bedrooms, and other amenities found in apartments. 

Why do travelers decide on a short-term furnished apartment? A 2016 survey says that 64% of respondents said getting access to a kitchen is the main reason they choose to stay in a vacation rental. A holiday rental would be their choice, according to 49% of respondents, if they wanted more privacy.

Key Points:

1. Compared to staying in a hotel, short-term furnished apartments provide a more individualized experience.

2. Potential tourists have more freedom when staying in temporary house rentals because there are no long-term commitments required.

3. At comparable prices, short-term furnished apartments frequently offer greater  than conventional hotels.

Short-Term Furnished Apartment Rentals: Pros vs. Cons

Short-term furnished apartments are steadily gaining popularity among business visitors, particularly among millennialism. People are seeking ways to reduce costs so they can start concentrating on their companies since spending is predicted to increase by even more than 7% in 2019. Let’s examine some reasons why renting an apartment on your business trip might be advantageous.



1. Numerous lodging options. Fewer security measures.
2. Flexible check-in/check-out procedures. Accommodation may be found away from the  city’s commercial district.
3. Permit a more individualized experience. If you’re seeking cheap rooms, they can just be more expensive.

Hotels: Pros vs. Cons

Hotels are the most popular accommodations for business travelers, who travel for work more on than 480 million occasions annually. And Hotels provide a wealth of comforts, are cost effective, and provide a number of other advantages. They are occasionally favored over flats because of this. We’re going to examine hotels objectively today. By reviewing the benefits and cons of hotel facilities, we’ll assess whether it might be a realistic alternative for your business trip.



1. Close to commercial parks, convention centers, etc.  Less intimate experience than a short term  furnished apartment rental.
2. Greater quality and security.  Some travelers could find it less comfortable because there isn’t a kitchen or living room.
3. Easier to resolve potential problems.  Some travelers might find a hotel to be a less fascinating alternative.

A Survey On Temporary House Rental: According To Business Travelers

We understand from the report that business travelers prefer short term furnished apartments more. Business travelers preferred temporary house rentals by 52%. However, only 23% of tourists choose hotels over short term furnished apartments. The other travelers favor other options.

Final Words

You’ll be able to choose the option that’s best for you now that you know the distinctions between hotels versus short-term furnished apartment rentals! Are you seeking the right lodging for business travels for your company? We have a dedicated corporate online booking platform that enables you to make reservations without the hassle and save time and money. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.