Job Title: Apartment Manager

Salary: Negotiable/ ( ________ )

Department: Property Management

Job Title: Apartment Manager

Reports To:( __________ )

Available For: Full Time



We are seeking an experienced Apartment Manager to oversee the daily operations of our apartment community. The Apartment Manager will be responsible for that the property is well maintain, rent is collect, and are happy. The ideal candidate will have excellent customer service skills, strong organizational abilities, and the ability to effectively manage a team.


Job Description


1. We need a dedicated apartment manager to make sure that all facilities are hygienic, secure, and maintain. 

2. Filling vacancies, attending to tenant issues, collecting rent, oversee unit maintenance, and submitting taxes are all duties of the apartment manager. 

3. You need to be well organize, Apartment Management have a solid grasp of finances, and have strong communication abilities to be an effective apartment manager. 

4. You should be knowledge able about landlord tenant, possess strong interpersonal and teamwork abilities, and have solid communication skills.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Manage and oversee the day to day operations of the apartment community
  • Ensure the property is well maintain, clean, and in good repair
  • Manage leasing and occupancy of the property
  • Collect rent and other payments from tenants
  • Maintain accurate records of all financial and prepare regular reports
  • Supervise and train staff members, including and leasing personnel
  • Respond to resident complaints and resolve issues in a timely and professional manner
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to improve efficiency and enhance the experience
  • Conduct regular property inspections to identify mainte nance needs and ensure with safety and regulatory standards
  • Market the property to prospective tenants and coordinate leasing activities
  • Prepare budgets and monitor expense to ensure that the property is profitable


Apartment Managers Requirement( _________)


1. Very good at computer proficiency

2. A Bachelor’s business administration degree.

3. Strong interpersonal and communication ability Apartment Management.

4. Good mathematics and budget ability.

5. An understanding of employment and rental rules.

6. Excellent planning, management, and negotiation ability.

Please attach your resume to this email if you are qualify for the position.


Email: ( ____Management______ )

[Only chosen candidates call to schedule an interview]