2 Bedroom Studio Apartments for Rent in Bashundhara

HotelsBD is the new face of staycation here in Bangladesh. We provide the most luxurious residential apartments that are equipped with all the latest house appliances and hotel amenities, added housekeeping, and 24/7 maintenance. We strive to serve our guests with exceptional accommodation amenities and services. Individual corporate and leisure travel, as well as travel-related with group gatherings.

1 BHK Studio Apartment For Rent in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Safety & Security

Residential apartments house hundreds of families, making the safety & security of these sizable populations one of our top priorities.

Communal Space

Our residential apartments have a lot of communal space, which is one of the key distinctions between them and conventional flats.

Proper Management

Our residential apartment’s competent management body is crucial since, without them, the entire complex devolves into chaos.

Co-working Space

It’s our best advantage to respond to this expanding group of remote workers because working remotely is becoming more popular. Along with providing co-working office spaces we also provide co-living Residential apartments.

Parking & Transportation

We also provide Parking and transit facilities, as they are a significant benefit, regardless of the location of our building or the lifestyles of the residents, among our furnsinshed Residential apartments.

Pet Amenities

Our pet-friendly apartments are more in demand than ever. Therefore, providing amenities for pets are very helpful to a variety of customers, who reside at our Residential apartments

How Hotel BD Helps With Rental Service – Furnished Residential Studio Apartments Rental in Bangladesh

Right-solution Residential apartment

Right solution

HotelsBD is a website where a renter can easily find their ideal property and a landlord can easily find a tenant, helping you easily find your ideal Residential apartment

Verified-tenant and Residential apartment

Verified tenant

Hotels.com.bd ensures Residential apartments to qualified local or foreign tenants through its verification process and other legal solutions.

real estate concept Residential apartment

Free listing

There are no listing fees for owners to add Residential apartments or commercial spaces, and there are no expenses for tenants to post criteria.

Rental-Deal AND Residential apartment

Rental Deal

Ensuring transparency and trust On behalf of the owner and tenant, our rental team drafts the rental agreement for both Residential apartment and comercial spaces.


 How will I pay my rent?

The lease specifies the amount of rent to be paid, the due date, and the manner in which the landlord will handle payments, according to you Residential apartment/Commercial Space. Make sure you comprehend the lease completely before signing it since as soon as you do, you’ve legally accepted its terms.

How are utilities financed? What are utilities?

Any housing/Residential apartment unit needs utilities, such as power, heat, water, and trash collection. The renter may receive these bills directly on occasion, or the landlord may include them in your rental payments on occasion. Before signing the lease, make sure to question your landlord about the utilities so you are aware of what you will be responsible for paying.

Why did I give you a security deposit?

The security deposit is a predetermined quantity of cash that the landlord withholds as security for the cleanliness and structural soundness of the property. In other words, the landlord sets aside this money to encourage renters to maintain their rented Residential apartment.

I’d like to sublet my apartment. Is this permitted?

Subletting is totally subject to the terms of your lease and any applicable local tenant legislation. However, in some jurisdictions, despite of what your contract says, your landlord cannot stop you from subletting. Some landlords embrace sublets, while others would prefer not to deal with the problems. Ask your landlord any queries you may have regarding subleting.