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Furnished Short Stay Accommodations in Dhaka

Short term rentals or vacation rentals have grown in popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the privacy and space they provide. We have a website where you can look for short-term rental properties in Bangladesh. We offer expertise in furnished short-term rentals, sublets, 12-month leases, and share apartments. We are a transparent marketplace for tenants, agencies, and landlords. You can get free rent on both furnished and unfurnished apartments. Please contact us if you would like to obtain our rental list. Every week, you’ll receive an email with the most recent fully – equipped short term rentals.

At its most basic level, a short-term rental is a temporary lease. is currently lower than the cost of a typical office lease. Some short-term rental locations even provide the option to rent workstations or rooms by the hour or day. While they are good choices for teams that need a place to work quickly.

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Verified-tenant and Residential apartment

Payers And Keepers

The flat is yours once you’ve paid the first month’s rent. You’ll receive a confirmation email right away, that you can use as proof of address for any visa applicants or resident permits you might need. The ease of online booking allows for simple viewing with our short-term rental services.

Simple Reservations

Simple Reservations

You have the right to be informed everything before making any reservations. Examine a listing’s most recent accessibility, features, photos, videos, floor plans, and transcribed descriptions. To feel even more confident about making a reservation, look at the map inside the listing gallery.


Cash Deposits

On our platform, all of your payouts are secure. We’ve put anti-fraud safeguards in place to protect your expertise, and you can rest assured that if the landowners cancels, you’ll receive a full refund. Your first month’s rent is managed to hold in escrow for 48 hours after you move in.

Maintenance-Responsibility with fully furnished commercial space

Professional Maintenance

We are in charge of the upkeep of the house in which you live. We provide such a healthy and clean room all across your stay thanks to our expert regular maintenance and facility managers.


Enjoy Your Vacation

Our short-term rentals services include everything you could want in a vacation home or apartments. You do not need to focus on anything other than having a good time while on vacation.

Paid Mortgage Apartment Rental

Prospect To Save

Short-term rentals are less expensive than hotels while providing all of the amenities that hotels do. There are numerous ways that short-term rentals can help you save money while on vacation.

Fully Furnished Apartments Short Term Lease – Short/long term rent at Dhaka

You can find any kind of apartment for rent with us, including short-term rentals properties, sublets, rooms for rent, shares and lease breaks. You can depend solely on our experts to provide the best rental locations. Now would be the time to talk with one of our experts.


Gulshan is a major commercial center in the country. Multiple multinational corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions are located in the area.


With strategic location, the area is known for homes the business elite. It is the country’s leading financial center. Local and international shops are available.


Local and international banks, well-developed infrastructure, logistical, airport and train station are all nearby, and local and international retail shops are available in Uttara.


Bashundhara in now the most wanted area in Dhaka. Local and international banks, Baridhara diplomatic residence, well-developed infrastructure, airport and train station are all nearby.

Fully Furnished & Serviced Apartment for short/long Term Rental



A team of professional facility managers manages our short-term rentals. There are no complications for you to deal with us.

1. Less cleaning to do.
2. Fewer chores to do.
3. Less effort to put
4. Lower maintenance expenses.

Cleaning-Time-Saved Apartment Rental

House Keeping

We have an expert housekeeping system that assists you in staying in better condition, which is provided for your comfort.

1. Doing the laundry
2. Foods and Drinks
3. Maintenance and upkeep
4. Going on errands

Other services

Other services

Our short-term rental facilities are outfitted in every way possible to assist you with anything you may require.

1. Food and drinks
2. Transportation and laundry
3. Ensured hygiene
4. Improved housekeeping


What is the function of a short-term rental?

Short-term rental are defined as stays of less than 90 days or 3 calendar months in any type of residential unit. Airbnb and other short-term vacation rentals

What are the best short-term rentals for business travel?

For business trips, short-term rentals are ideal. Short-term studio apartments, short-term 1 bedroom flats, and short-term 2-bed apartments provide a more personable space at a lower cost than hotels. You will save a lot of money on these extra expenses if your short-term rental includes housekeeping services.

What types of properties are not eligible?

Specific types of properties do not allow short rentals. If you are unsure about the classification of your property, please contact us. We will help to find the which property for eligible.

Can I extend the duration of my short-term rental?

You must contact your landlord or leasing agent if you really want to extend your short-term rental tenancy. This usually entails the tenant informing the landlord of their intention to extend their lease. There is a distinction made between short-term and long-term rentals.

Cost-Saving Short Term Renatl in Bangladesh

Rent Semi Furnished House(Studio, 1bhk, 2bhk), Fully Furnished House, service apartments with kitchen, Paying guest for short terms stay or work. Don’t worry about cleaning after guests leave your apartment; plan your trips and vacations. Leave everything to us.