Long-Term Rentals in Bangladesh (1-12 month rental)

Fully furnished rentals to comfortably live for a month or long-term.

Furnished Apartments For Long Term

Long-term rentals are popular nowadays. Everyone from tourists and traveling employees to families looking for a change of scenery uses them. If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, a long-term rental is an effective way to generate consistent, cash flow. It has a number of advantages, and once you realize how to get started, it can provide a more consistent income stream than its short-term rental counterpart. There will be many benefits for long-term rentals:

Furnished Apartments For Long Term


Fewer Constraints

Long-term rentals are simply not subject to as many regulations. In comparison, the process of setting up a rental property is straightforward.


No Seasonal Fluctuations

While short-term rentals experience high and low demand cycles, long-term rentals are relatively untouched by the season.


Lower Rent

Long-term tenancies are usually less expensive because landlords want to inspire tenants to sign a lengthy agreement.


Easy Reservations

You have had the right to be fully informed before making any booking. Check out the most recent ease of access, features, pictures, videos, space planning, and transcribed descriptions on a listing.


Expert Maintenance

We are all in charge of maintaining the house where you live. Because of our expert regular maintenance and hospital managers, we provide a healthy and clean room throughout your stay.


Enjoy Your Time

Our vacation home and apartment rentals include all you want in a vacation home or apartment. While on vacation, you should not be concerned with having a good time.

We Cover 4 Areas In Dhaka City 


Gulshan is the country’s most important commercial center. The area is home to a number of multinational corporations, government entities, and financial institutions.


The area known for housing the business elite due to its strategic location. It is the country’s most important financial center. There are both local and global shops.


Uttara has locally and internationally banks, well-developed infrastructural facilities, logistical, airport, and train station, as well as local and international retail shops.


It is now the most demanded neighborhood in Dhaka. Local and global banks, the diplomatic residence of Baridhara, well-developed infrastructure, an airport, and a train station are all close by.

What Should You Consider When Sign Long-Term Agreement

We provide the best apartments in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you rent your needing properties from us you can be relax. We can manage everything you will be need. So, don’t be hesitated and contact with us today for long-term rentals.



Location frequently influences the quality of your tenants, and thus your revenue.



It is simpler to rent property near public transport services and major highways.

Long Term Rentals


If the construction has separate units, having separate utilities is much more convenient.

FAQs For Long-Term Rentals Services

How long is a long-term rental?

A long-term lease can last from 1 months to a year. While long-term leases do not provide the same adaptability or higher rates as short-term leases, they do perform much better across several ways. we are best long-term service provider in Bangladesh.

What is the average cost for a furnished apartment in Dhaka?

You must spend 75000 BDT to 150000 BDT monthly depending on the apartment facilities.

What is the lengthiest apartment lease term?

A long-term rental agreement is a rental agreement for an apartment that lasts twelve months or more. A long-term lease is typically a one-year agreement, but 13-month, 15-month, and longer rental lengths are available depending just on city, condo, and homeowner!

What is the cost of renting a luxury furnished apartment in Bashundhara?

Depending on the furnishings, it can cost between 200000 and 350000 BDT.