Sublease Commercial Space | Rent Out Unused Space – Earn 2X More 

With the demand for empty and unused spaces, we connect customers with property owners. Following the agreement, the plot owners are free from the burden. Also, We will help you lease commercial space along with apartment property re rental. Moreover, Homeowners won’t have to do anything because everything will be handled by skilled service holders. Therefore, you can earn money, as we will help your sub lease commercial space and empty flats in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Sublease Commercial Space – Best Locations For Renting Vacant Spaces

Within the city of Dhaka, there are many major locations. However, based on customer demand, we chose 4 locations. Due to this, we search for vacant homes or unused to sub lease commercial space in certain locations. In addition, we provide commercial property leasing and property management services, as well as leasing commercial space.

sublease commercial space


Those who own companies and those who hold jobs each have their own areas. Smart offices are available. Besides leasing office space, we provide property management. Similarly, Our sub lease commercial space service allows us to set up an office in your space, earning you more rent.

sublease commercial space commercial property lease


Most population of Gulshan now works in smart offices instead of regular offices. As a result, our goal is to fulfill their needs while making money in the process using our smart commercial space re rental service.

sublease commercial space


In Uttara, we’re looking for unused space. Therefore, our locations would be great offices for many independent business owners and job holders as well. Additionally, we also earn you money by using our sub lease commercial space service by renting unused space from owners for re rental purposes.

sublease commercial space


As, one of the busiest town areas in Dhaka is Banani. As a result, we can provide a comfortable, secure, and intelligent working environment for our clients. Also, we may work together by renting unused space for re renting purposes.

Rent Your Unused Property To Us – Property Management Service + Subleasing Space For Extra Income 

Sublease commercial space Sevice +  Unused Flat Space Re letting Service

 In short, we Usually rent it for a longer period of time.  Moreover, we will help you by leasing office space and empty flats in Dhaka Bangladesh. Also, earning you extra rental income.  Therefore, we are searching for an empty space.

Extra Income | Full Refurbishment Service | Property Management | Re letting Unused Space 

Your unused office space can be leased for a good rental fee. Below are a few of them:

Higher Profit

As a result, of our service, your unused space or vacant office space will be able to be rented out. Similarly, we can help you make more money through us than you might from a typical rental. Moreover, We will help you retain more rental income with our sub lease commercial space service

Assure Safety

In order to make sure your home is safe and to manage your property well, we will rent it out and share the extra income with you. Also, we’ll make sure that everything is secure and keep an eye on things 24/6, also, with our expert commercial space leasing service holders.

Zero Maintenance From Your Side

Mainly, after renting the unused space from you, we’ll make the necessary changes with the help of our commercial space leasing services. In conclusion, we’ll keep everything current till the contract expires.

FAQs On Sublease Commercial Space

How will you receive the payment?

In general, we provide a variety of payment methods. Moreover, We will pay in cash as well as online (through mobile banking, bank transfer, etc.)

Do you have any customer service?

In addition to a live chat feature, we offer 24/7 phone support.

Are there any hidden terms and conditions?

We do not have any hidden terms and conditions that apply. Also, We clarify everything in our agreement for leasing commercial space service.

Are you a property agent?

Absolutely not, because we’re the owners and managers of all of our Dhaka buildings, which total over 1 million square feet of office space. Additionally, We provide property management and commercial rental agreements along with sub lease commercial space service.