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In summation, Our re-letting and sub-leasing involves counseling a landlord on their legal obligations and rent rates, locating the best tenant and thoroughly screening them, generating an inventory, and drafting the tenancy agreement. Therefore, If they obtain the landlord’s consent, our re-letting agency might be able to sign the lease on their behalf.

Additionly, Our full management re-letting and sub-leasing agents will also visit the property at this time to conduct some checks, which is a crucial responsibility. Moreover, To ensure the condition of the rental property is compliant with regulations, our contractors will examine the gas, electrical, plumbing, and other systems. Additionally, we perform a risk analysis at this point. Moreover, we also keep in mind that most of the re-letting & sublease houses will be converted into vacation rental/vacation house, therefore, taking extra care of the property.

Re-letting and Sub-leasing Services – Residential And Commercial Space Sublease


If you have a rental property in Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, or Bashundhara, then choosing us will be the best option for you. Additionaly, We can rerent & sublease or re-letting and sub-leasing your house. This will help you earn extra money as we will take all the respoonsibility for the tenancy.


Do you have any large or small, furnished or unfurnished, apartments? If yes, and you want to sublease your apartment to us, we will rent out the space and provide you with the rent twice as much. Furthermore, We HotelsBD will be your very trusted partner in re-letting and sub-leasing services.

Office Space

You can get in touch with us right away to rent your office space to us if you have any types of office space in Dhaka, including commercial, furnished, serviced, conference room, and old office space. Moreover, Our team can help with re-letting and sub-leasing the property or space.

Un-Used Workspace

Re-letting and sub-leasing an empty office space is not an easy task in the city of Dhaka. Since, Everybody wants to relocate to a brand-new, exquisitely constructed office.  However, HotelBD will help you with professional re-letting and sub-leasing services.

Why You Should Be Partnership With Us For Re-letting and Sub-leasing Services?

Virtual office re-letting and sub-leasing

Earn an Additional Income

You can get paid by renting us out your unused space. Conviniently, We will use your space for re-letting and sub-leasing pursposes and share the extra income with you.

Trusted-Commitment re-letting and sub-leasing

Trusted Commitment

Hotels BD will be your trusted partner. Also, We give you a totally hassle free service, also, we will provide you with extra cash earned from turning your space into a vacation rental.

Increased-Your-Income re-letting and sub-leasing

Increased Your Income

The procedure of renting a workplace is challenging. However, You’ll get paid twice as much for your workspace with our re-letting and sub-leasing services

FAQs For Rentals Services

How about security at HotelBD?

If privacy and security concerns are keeping you from HotelBD, we can solve that, you can start with HotelBD security agreeent, since we guarantee security, privacy, and confidentiality at every stage of the process. Moreover, We use the finest security measures available to ensure that our clients’ private information regarding property re-letting and sub-leasing is kept totally secure.

Why did you pick our services?

Because compared to other businesses, we offer more benefits to our customers through our re-letting and sub-leasing services. Our service is hassle-free and 100 percent secure, you dont have to deal with any hassle as we will be taking care of the tenancy. Please stop by our office or get in touch with our customer service if you have any questions.

Will this transaction be trouble-free?

We’ll refurbish your apartment on our own if you and we reach a long-term agreement. Additionally, We are also accountable for the upkeep and security of the property. Lastly, We offer best security for any property which is trusted and most valuuable.

Are there any extra services you provide?

Each member can sign up for a monthly subscription service in addition to the re-letting and sub-leasing services, which will take care of their bedding and room cleaning so they can spend their time doing what they prefer. These services are not a part of the rent.