HotelsBD Provide A Flexible Serviced Office Workspace

Businesses of all sizes can choose the supple serviced office from HotelsBD. Our serviced office offers a adaptable work environment, to start. It is adaptable and adaptable to your company’s demands. The offices don’t have any branding. You will therefore have complete freedom once you move in to adapt one of our modern, work-ready rooms. HotelsBD offers firms attractive, flexible, and easy-to-use office space. Because to our cutting edge office space, individualized attention, and prime locations, conducting business is simple.  

What is a Serviced Office?

Furnished Entirely

Our serviced office’s primary selling point is how convenient it is. There is nothing you will need to buy because they are already furnished. You won’t have to waste time planning. 

Serviced Office

Fast Web Access

The business center you rent from will determine the connectivity level. But the best internet connections are always found in the busiest business districts.

key benefits of services office

Localized Technicians

Business centers have experts. You will have an IT professional available to help you if any of your gear fault. You might have in the kept offices. Our technical team support you fully.

what is a services office ?

Professional Receptionists

A mature front desk clerk will be assigned to you. Your calls will be answered and guests will be directed. You won’t pay more for this. The business center will be responsible.

Stay Connected With Our Serviced Office Workspace

Renting a serviced office space is a cost-effective method for businesses in Bangladesh. Businesses typically need to budget money for both renovating a new office space and a lease.

Control Suite

Do you require modern,enclosed and other facilities? Consider looking at our serviced offices.

Office Buildings

For a modest project, do you need to adjust a team of three?Just click more here.


Want a Private Workstation? If so, your team of five will feel at ease in our Room. Get in touch with our workspace.


Do you need a desk for an entire workday? View our best and collaborate coworking plans.

How Easy and Low Cost Budgeting HotelsBD’s Serviced Office Workspace

 We’ll make the property management and renting process easier for you. HotelsBD is the best online rental platform where we sublease office space and relet commercial spaces so by using your unused spaces and earn more. We will greet you, and a dedicated crew will assist you in decorating and furnishing your area because, after all, we are here to help.

What is a Serviced Office?

Lawyers Are Not Necessary

An inexpensive solicitor’s cost can be avoided by using a serviced office contract, which consists of a straightforward license agreement instead of one that calls for their use. 

Services office in Bangladesh

The Monthly Bill 

All of the components of a serviced office, including the rent, rates, furniture, reception and IT assistance, building maintenance, and cleaning services, are included in one fixed monthly charge after you move in. 

Services office in Bangladesh

Pay Only Extra Services

You can avoid paying for services or facilities you don’t use all the time by using additional pay-as-you-go services on demand. Simply buy more secretarial assistance or rent a conference space as needed.

Greater Flexibility With Our Full Furnished Serviced Office Workspace


You will have everything you need to start running your business with EcommerceBD’s Serviced Office. The cost of leasing a serviced office is greatly more budget for small to medium sized organizations. In compare to setting up your own office, it might save you up to 60% on monthly expenses. You receive a completely furnished office, in contrast to standard office space. We provide a free call plan global enterprise IP telephone network. Our global IT infrastructure includes lightning-quick and secure internet. Clients have access to photocopiers, printers, scanners, as well as a fully stocked kitchen. For instance, meeting rooms are a pay-per-use option. You won’t have to pay for anything you won’t utilize as a result.

FAQs For Serviced Office Workspace

What advantages do serviced offices offer you?

Working in a serviced office space combines the benefits of both a private office and a shared workspace, which is essential for networking. Compared to coworking spaces, serviced offices offer fewer options for networking and community. Instant access to workplaces that are ready to use is made possible by serviced office!

Is parking space available and adequate?

The business premises we provide are wheelchair accessible and have enough parking for our clients.

How soon can I set up shop in my serviced office suite?

After you complete the sign-up process, The HotelsBD will have your serviced office suite operational in 24 to 48 hours. This means that you won’t have to deal with any hassles or headaches because we literally set up all the furniture, IT, telephones, and keys so you can focus on what’s really important: running your business.

How are costs for real estate managed?

We assess the local real estate taxes to see how well they match your requirements and your spending plan.