Furnished Commercial Spaces For Rent in Dhaka

Join a thriving global network of 2.5 million people in order to expand your business opportunities with HotelsBD. Besides our fully serviced commercial spaces, we also take care of every detail, along with a skilled group on-site ensures that everything runs smoothly. Moreover, We’ll take you to four key locations in Dhaka; also, all of our commercial spaces are outfitted, along with the most up-to-date office equipment and amenities. Conveniently, You can come in and begin working while we handle the rest. Contact us to discuss the best commercial workspace locations.

HotelsBD Is The Number #1 Commercial Space Provider In The Country

Lower-Moving-Costs commercial space

Lower Moving Costs

Leasing commercial space is typically less expensive than purchasing commercial workspace. Furthermore, Landlords will frequently include the cost of doing your tenant improvements for you in the rent.

Less-Occupancy-Costs and commercial space

Less Occupancy Costs

While purchasing a commercial space may be less expensive, correspondingly most tenants find that leasing a property is the better deal on a monthly basis. Therefore, after-tax leasing is even more affordable.


Cleaner Balance Sheets

Leases of commercial space are always off-balance-sheet transactions. Your company incurs a monthly expense for the lease it pays, but your space has no effect on your overall assets and liabilities.

Reduced-Capital-Expenditure when investing in commercial space

Reduced Capital Expenditure

You are not required to stay if your lease is nearing the end of its term. Likewise, when your lease on commercial space expires, you can always move to a better or newer building that fits your budget.

commercial space

Greater Adaptability

When your lease expires, you’re back in control of your commercial space. Therefore, You can leave if your needs change, newer and better properties become available, or the neighborhood becomes unappealing.

Maintenance-Responsibility with fully furnished commercial space

Maintenance Responsibility

If you rent rather than buy a commercial space, you will have less responsibility for the building, though this will depend on the terms of your rental lease. However, few repairs and maintenance maybe included.

Commercial Space – Rental Office In Dhaka

Co-Working Space

HotelsBD provides first-rate coworking space in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Furthermore, Our coworking spaces are strategically placed across the country to open doors and create new opportunities. Therefore, To ensure that you only pay for what you need, you can book our fully serviced commercial spaces by the hour, day, or month.

Serviced Office

We are a professional commercial space provider in high-traffic areas. Moreover, The traditional office space no longer needs to be owned and managed. Similarly, Our private offices range in size from one-person executive suites to larger 35+ person spaces, and they are all fully furnished and serviced by us.

Short-Term Rental

You can give your company home with HotelsBD’s private commercial spaces for short-term rentals. Conveniently, Everything, from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi, is taken care of in our fully equipped private workspaces, so that you can focus on growing your business and your team.


What is the definition of commercial property law?

Commercial property law deals with commercial properties or land that generate a profit for the owner. Therefore, All legal aspects of buying and selling commercial properties are handled by commercial property lawyers, as this is much more convenient generally.

Do commercial space leases include utilities?

Our gross lease includes all operating expenses, including utilities. Additionally, A net lease is less comprehensive and usually does not include utilities. Moreover, A modified lease can be either a gross or net lease, with both parties negotiating custom changes.

What is the average commercial space lease deposit?

The lease deposit usually includes a security deposit and two months’ rent. Approximately, According to our property management group’s research, the average cost is around 1,00,000 BDT.

How long is the average commercial lease?

As Commercial leases usually last three to five years. So, This ensures that the landlords will be able to recoup their investment. Conveniently, Leases are frequently negotiable, but in the case of a commercial lease, we frequently allow customization of the space for the benefit of the renting company.