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Co Living Space makes it easier to locate a roommate, offers the most cost-effective housing solutions, and builds lovely homes for comfort. Nowadays, it seems that the idea of co-living spaces is more than just a housing model, it has developed into a remedy for the rapidly growing younger generations.  Make sure the business you are thinking about is reputable and has a functioning website. When viewing potential residences, take your time and attempt to picture how you would feel if you lived there every day.

Through clever architectural design, event organizing, and resident support, Co Living Space at Hotels BD seeks to make house sharing popular and affordable for all types of people while also fostering new, varied activities and a strong community.

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We have worked with over 100 companies with whom we are in a partnership to meet their accommodation needs for their local and foreign employees and guests.



We manage over 2,000 properties which are the combination of serviced apartments, coworking spaces, and serviced offices equipped with latest facilities.



All our serviced residences can be located in the most prime commercial locations of the country, with easy access to and from all major locations in the city.



HotelsBD has already housed over 40,000 guests from all around the globe and the number is increasing everyday. Our expert team manages our guests' convenience efficiently.

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Hotels BD Co Living space services are there to help you in every manner they can. This is especially helpful if you’re going to a new location and want to explore the neighborhood. 



Living with roommates is one of the most economical ways to save expenses if you’re trying to do so. Due to the affordable co-living space rent, you won’t need to purchase couch.



One of the benefits of coworking spaces for entrepreneurs is increased productivity. working in a setting that emphasizes the value of collaboration and shared values.

Trusted Solution

Trusted Solution

EcommerceBD will take care of everything as a rental agreement specialist. In every way, we are your reliable partner. we are eagerly waiting to serve you.

Furnished Co-Living 1 & 2 Room Flat For Rent – Facilities Available

Healthy Lifestyle

People can improve their health and deal with a range of health conditions with the assistance of confidential advice and tools from Healthy Living Services.


The architecture of the office and staff facilities is to create areas for clerical and administrative work. An advanced marketing plan could incorporate amenities.

Space Types

 Like the perfect house, your office should be a comfortable place to hang out. Along with encouraging inspiration, creativity, and productivity.

  Serviced Apartments

Hotels BD Housing offers an amazing temporary living experience in the best housing options in the neighborhood, whether you’re organizing temporary housing for mobile staff.

Fully Equipped

HotelsBD provides Business travelers, moving employees, and project teams who seek short- or long-term lodging around the world will find Housing’s fully furnished apartments to be ideal. 



All of the services we provide for facilities management are supervised and managed by an HotelsBD facility manager. Our expert team makes certain that a contract’s various requirements are fulfilled.

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What is meant by coliving?

In coliving, which is becoming more and more popular, people share some facilities and common areas while still having access to private spaces. The demand for this kind of lodging is rising, particularly in urban areas.

Coliving is it safe?

Coliving space operators take great effort to uphold strict safety requirements for occupants. All residents and employees are thoroughly vetted, and the majority of Coliving locations offer a round-the-clock.

Why choose Coliving

Coliving has a lot of advantages over traditional rental options. Cost is a major consideration for many people, as Coliving can offer more affordable housing than other types of leases.

Am I a good fit for coliving?

Coliving can be an excellent method to become settled in a new city or neighborhood. Imagine yourself settling in at a hotel, but the other guests are friendly and in a similar circumstance to you!