A studio apartment is a single room that houses your living room, bedroom, and dining area all in one open floor plan.  There are no walls or partitions between the various portions. To delight renters globally, the bathroom in a studio apartment is separate, as required by B.D. housing standards! A studio apartment consists of a single spacious room with an attached kitchen or kitchenette and a separate bathroom. The following question is posed as a result: Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartment: How To Choose?

Studio apartments make better use of space since they are smaller units, which means less money spent on lighting, heating, and cooling, cost-effective. As of February 2021, the average monthly rent for a studio apartment in the District of Dhaka was 1,625 USD.

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Analysis Report: Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartment


1. Lifestyle

Studio Apartment:

Perhaps the best course of action for your lifestyle is to have a small, simple studio. Your professional lifestyle is related to the space you require.


You might not feel forced to have as large a space if you’re intending on living alone or with a significant other you’re really comfortable with.

Winner: Studio Apartment, It could possibly be more comfortable.

2. Privacy

Studio Apartment:

In a studio, you eat, work, and socialize all in the same place. All studio apartment space to open for everyone.


You could find all the solitude you want in a single room if you live alone and don’t utilize your flat as a venue for social events.

Winner: One bedroom, Because all spaces are separate. If you need a break you can easily take this.

3. In-unit amenities

Studio Apartment:

Your one-bedroom might contain full-sized appliances, more than one roomy closet, in-unit laundry connections, and overall greater storage.


Maybe you prefer to send your laundry somewhere. When you’re living on your own, a smaller refrigerator is good, therefore the space-saving appliance in your studio is ideal.

Winner: Studio apartment, Amenities are, by definition, extra stuff in your house, and everyone has various must-haves.

4. Upkeep

Studio Apartment:

Decorating and cleaning a studio apartment is simple when you have less space. Studio apartments are easier to keep tidy. Additionally, there are fewer walls to adorn.


Because you don’t have a lot of storage alternatives, a smaller room might lead to greater clutter. In any case, you’ll have to clean a bathroom, which no one enjoys.

Winner: Studio Apartment, Its decorating and cleaning more easily. All time looks very decorated and also clean and clean.

5. Convenience

Studio Apartment:

Multitasking is a way of life in a studio apartment. In the same room, you may watch Netflix, clean, and make dinner. It also takes less to tidy up before going for the night.


One bedroom apartments are frequently found in bustling city center districts. You can go somewhere you need to go fast.

Winner: One bedroom, It’s more convenient for every pepole and you get to rent very quickly.


A studio apartment is probably the best option for you if you’re single, go out a lot, and want to save money. A one-bedroom apartment is great if you split rent with a significant other or if you need a bit more space to stretch your wings.

Is A Studio Apartment Suitable Place To Live

As a living option, studio flats are frequently inexpensive. It’s an excellent financial investment for both renting and living because there are less upkeep and cleaning expenses, and you won’t need as much furnishings.

Because of the variety that studios give for those who live and work in them, it is simple to multi-function them. 

With work from home and hybrid employment becoming more popular, studios are an excellent place to live and work.

A studio apartment is probably the best option for you if you’re single, go out a lot, and want to save money. 

A studio apartment is perfect if you have a significant other to split rent with or if you want a bit more space to stretch your wings.

Renting a studio apartment is nearly usually less expensive. It is crucial to keep in mind that the cheaper rent immediately translates to a smaller room, and often, a studio apartment costs more per square foot.

Is A One-bedroom Suitable Place To Live

A one-bedroom apartment is great in terms of space if you live alone. They can also work if you share an apartment with someone with whom you are comfortable sharing a tiny place.  A one-bedroom apartment is enough for a single individual. If you’re a couple, there will be enough space for both of you to enjoy a comfortable place. 

Therfore, A one bedroom is an ideal alternative for people searching for an economical and pleasant living place. It is difficult to furnish a small space. But you can achieve it with good strategy and imagination. The goal is to maximize storage space and locate furniture that can serve several tasks. Renters have greater flexibility to move about and locate the perfect spot for them, so they don’t have to settle for what’s available in the market.


1. Is it worth living in a studio apartment?

Compared to one-bedrooms in the same neighborhood, their rental rates are usually substantially lower.

2. What are the features of a studio?

Without any walls, doors, or other elements separating one space from another, the living room, kitchen, dining area, and bedroom are all contained in the same huge room.

3. Is a studio a good idea?

A studio apartment offers a more economical and sustainable way of life.

Final Words


Everybody wants a home with all the practical elements plus a touch of coziness and warmth. The best things often come in little packages, and a studio apartment is one of them. Everyone may agree that we might not have the resources, availability, or time to manage a property. These apartments have been a lifesaver for those seeking manageable size at an affordable price. It is very efficient and ideal for a minimalist lifestyle. It is also known as efficiency flats or bachelor apartments. Please contact us if you require any other information.