Sharing workspace offers a dynamic and collaborative environment for professionals. With shared office spaces, you gain access to flexible work arrangements, a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, and all the amenities you need to thrive.

Joining a shared workspace means more than just a desk; it means entering a world of innovation, networking, and productivity that can take your work to new heights.



This Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on [Date] between:  ———————————————————————– 

Party A: | Party B: | 


Name: [Your Company Name]           Name: [Second Party Name]  

Address: [Your Company Address]     Address: [Second Party Address] Contact: [Your Contact Person]      Contact: [Second Party Contact] 

Email: [Your Contact Email]         Email: [Second Party Contact] 

Phone: [Your Contact Phone]         Phone: [Second Party Contact]| 


The Parties agree to share costs related to renting and maintaining | | a workspace at [Workspace Location].  

|———————————————————————–| | AGREEMENT TERMS | 


1. Workspace Details: | | – Address: [Workspace Address] Description: [Workspace Size and Amenities]  

2. Cost Sharing: | | Party A will cover [Percentage]% of the total costs. | | Party B will cover [Percentage]% of the total costs. |

3. Expenses Covered: Monthly rent | |  Utilities (electricity, water, internet) | |  Maintenance and cleaning services | | Insurance coverage |

4. Payment Terms: Party A makes payments directly to [Landlord’s Name]. Party B reimburses Party A within [Number of Days] days of receipt| | of an invoice.


5. Term of Agreement:

Commencement: [Start Date]


Duration: [Duration] months  

6. Dispute Resolution: Disputes will be resolved through mediation by a neutral third | | party.


7. Liability and Indemnification: Both parties indemnify and hold each other harmless from claims, | | damages, liabilities, or expenses arising from workspace use.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

Governing law: [State/Country] 

Jurisdiction: [City, State/Country]  

9. Amendments and Modifications: Changes must be in writing and signed by both parties.

10. Entire Agreement: This Agreement supersedes prior agreements and understandings.

—————————————————————- |SIGNATURES|

—————————————————————- Party A: [Your Signature]    Party B: [Second Party Signature]

Date: [Date]                 Date: [Date] | —————————————————————-