Real estate has developed to the point where studio apartment design has undergone substantial adjustments to accommodate every buyer’s preferences and budget.

The developers are creating a variety of living spaces, from studio apartments to residential apartments, to suit the present demand of customers.

However, the question may arise, “Is studio apartment rent a better investment?”

A studio apartment’s unique features include a single room and a tiny amount of square footage. The key factors influencing a growth in demand for studio apartments are the concept of space efficiency, affordability, and minimal maintenance costs.

Is Studio Apartment Rent A Better Investment?

The popularity of studio apartments has been boosted by the trend of single professionals purchasing modest units.

A studio apartment is a compact home with a combined living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Those who need privacy but are on a tight budget, these flats can be a good solution.

A studio apartment is an excellent investment, particularly if you are a beginner or a cautious investor. Most investors view real estate as a secure investment strategy. 

So that, to obtain profits and returns, they manage property transactions. They want to rent out the property in order to earn the rental fee as well. On the top, a studio unit is simple and demanding to resell. You may sell apartments rapidly if you need to.

Due to their significant capital appreciation and competitive rental rates, studio apartments are a popular choice among real estate investors. As a result, renting apartments can be very profitable.

Over the projected period, it is expected that the global building and apartment market would grow at a rate of over 9%.

Why Investing in A Studio Apartment Is Cost-Effective?

Due to the increasing number of single professionals moving to larger cities where real estate is more expensive, studio flats have recently become more popular in Bangladesh.

The demand for studio apartments is high among single professionals who must reside temporarily and lack the resources to maintain a large home. Additionally, studio flats give people a sophisticated lifestyle without costing too much.

The list of properties that add property development is always made up of the resale of studio apartments. 

Although property developers can choose to build these compact homes at a minimal cost. This form of property even allows you to make a quick profit. Selling on it is easy, and you can get paid right away.

Depending on the state you live in, the monthly rent for a studio apartment typically ranges from $550 to $1,500. Compared to one, two, or three-bedroom flats, which normally cost between $1,600 and $2,000, this is far less expensive.

However, because it has all the necessary conveniences and services, this apartment does provide a cozy atmosphere for the people who live there.

The Benefits of A Studio Apartment

1. Easy to maintain:

One of the biggest advantages of owning a studio apartment is how simple it is to keep tidy. There is less to keep orderly because you are in such a small area.

2. Lower price:

For those just starting out in company or real estate investing, studio apartments are great. The investors benefit from quite strong capital growth as well as favorable rental deals and are less expensive.

3. Location selection:

Rent is less expensive, giving you more alternatives for locations. For less money, you can obtain a fantastic apartment location.

4. Opportunity for modern design:

There are many different sorts of apartments, but only studios may inspire you to lead a simple life. You will only want to put things in your room that you will actually use every day. This is a wonderful chance to learn how to accomplish more in less space.

5. Conscious of environment:

A studio is the best option if you wish to lead a greener lifestyle. An excellent strategy to protect the environment is just to rent a studio in the first place. Your flat was constructed with fewer resources, and you are generally occupying less space.

A Difference Between Serviced Apartment and Studio Apartment

Serviced Apartment  Studio Apartment
1. Luxury apartment.
  1. Cozy apartment.
2. Rooms are separated with walls.        2. Bedroom, kitchen, and dining space all are          in the same compartment.
3. All luxury facilities are there.         3. Only necessary facilities are there.
4. Expensive.         4. Cost-friendly.

Things To Take Into Account Before Selecting A Studio Apartment

When choosing a apartment, you should keep the following in mind:

1. Choosing a budget:

Residential Co-Living unit prices vary depending on the area, the type of property, and the various amenities that the real estate developer offers. It is preferable to set a budget before choosing a apartment.

2. Connect to the necessary resources:

Make sure there are facilities like stores, gas stations, physical infrastructure, and supermarkets either inside the apartment complex or close by. The accessibility of the employers or educational institutions from the neighborhood must also be verified.

3. Functionality and services:

The lavish studio that are fully furnished are often larger and come with all the essential appliances and furniture. Additionally, it would be beneficial if you sought out apartments with windows that let in enough natural light.

Living In A Studio Apartment Is Similar To Staying In A Hotel- A Myth!

Living in corporate housing actually resembles apartment renting much more. Corporate flats are frequently situated in accessible and strategic parts of a city that help you feel at home among the local tenants. Compared to a hotel stay, when you are surrounded by other transient guests who create a very different experience, this offers a dramatic contrast. In addition, rather than staying in a hotel room that is an exact replica of every other room, you will be residing in a distinctive apartment with neighborhood cafes and restaurants close by.

Who Needs This Apartment

Various people have varied perspectives on studio apartments, including:

  • Purchasing a larger apartment may be perceived as a better investment by certain people.
  • Separate rooms for each activity would be more pleasant.
  • People who enjoy filling their homes with unique items could also believe it’s not the best choice.
  • Regular hosts of guests might also favor a larger number of rooms.



1. What is a studio apartment?

The typical studio apartment is a self-contained unit with everything confined in a single room and a separate bathroom.

2. Does it make sense to reside in a studio apartment?

Smaller size means lower rental costs than one-bedrooms in the same location for studio apartments.  You’ll also spend less on electricity, heating, and cooling thanks to the smaller floor plan. Renting a studio can reduce costs if you have a limited budget.

3. Are there bedrooms in studio apartments?

A studio apartment is a single-room residence that merges the living room, kitchen, and bedroom into one space. A wall may or may not divide the kitchen area from the living and sleeping spaces in an open floor design.


Studio apartments can be a nice method for small families to have everything in a small space, and with the right layout and design. It can make your home elegant, wonderful, and full of warmth.

Therefore, it can undoubtedly be a good option for people like you, me, and anyone else who lives in a major city and wants to save some money. If you want to rent  studio apartment then contact us right away!