In the current digital age, setting up virtual office space in Bangladesh is one of the popular ways to expand business. 

Additionally, it makes it possible for businesses to establish and maintain a presence without having to pay rent for a physical property in a prime location.

However, the question can be asked, “Is it legal to set up a virtual office in Bangladesh?”

Virtual offices are legal to business owners in Bangladesh because it gives the essence of a physical office for freelancers, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises. In recent years, around 37% of small businesses are using virtual offices.

So, let’s discuss it in detail!

Why It Is Legal To Set Up Virtual Office in Bangladesh

Due to the increasing use of virtual offices, virtual office spaces are influencing Bangladeshi corporate setup. It is not unlawful to operate a virtual office. You ought to be able to follow the law as long as it is connected to an authorized physical office.

You will definitely still have to go by the same laws and restrictions that apply to real organizations even if you run your business from a virtual office. In addition, it supports, facilitates, and accommodates international teams, partners, and business professionals whether organizing a conference, webinar, or virtual meeting.

The fundamental purpose of virtual office spaces is to give businesses a respectable company address. Some businesses may not require a physical location to carry out their operations, hence they might not see the value in leasing traditional office space.

How Does Virtual Office Work to Get Your Business License? 

The first thing you should do when you’re prepared to apply for licenses for your company that operates from a virtual office is to identify precisely which licenses you require.

Contacting an agency is the most effective way to do this. If you need a license and what conditions you must fulfill, the agency should be able to tell you. 

Ask if there are any laws that specifically apply to your online business, such as whether you need to pay business or sales taxes.

To get legal documents like business licenses and state notifications, you will require a physical base of operations.You have lots of options for the location of your company’s headquarters:

  • If permitted by law, a Postal Box.
  • The residence of a relative or friend.
  • The place where you live.
setting up virtual office

A Guideline To Consider Before Setting Up Virtual Office

Before making a virtual office investment, consider the following legal issues:

  • Make a list of the tasks you want to delegate to others:

Make a list of all the processes and tasks you intend to assign to your virtual assistant first.

  • Construct a job description:

The job description for a general virtual assistant should not include duties that call for specific knowledge. The expertise level and hourly rate for each work you assign to a general virtual assistant should be consistent.

  • Test your best applicants:

Choose a task that would be a part of their usual duties anyhow, and assess how well they complete it.

  • Analyze the performance:

Ensure that you have established clear expectations and/or key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Make feedback culture a priority:

With your virtual assistant and everyone else you work with, build an environment of openness and trust. Continually push them to communicate, inquire, and offer feedback.

It is anticipated that throughout the projection period, the worldwide virtual office market would grow at a CAGR of 15%. (2022 – 2030).

Virtual Office Requirement to Hire for Your Business

  • Every critical file, document, and record should be kept in a secure location that is always accessible in the office. Resources and information should always be kept private.
  • A virtual platform provides full environment branding to assist businesses in setting up a distinctive virtual workplace. Additionally, a specially created workstation attracts employees and promotes regular attendance.
  • It should be possible for executives to plan roundtable discussions with clients, customers, or staff using the meeting scheduling option.
  • You can have one group meeting using the text, audio, or video chat options. A built-in attendee database search option is another feature of the workspace that serves as your company’s matchmaking tool.


1. Does GST allow for virtual offices?

The GST Registration process cannot be finished without a registered office address in each state. Since having a physical presence in every state is impossible, a virtual office might assist you in meeting the requirements for GST Registration.

2. Do virtual offices actually exist?

Virtual offices are typically real offices or coworking spaces that diversify their revenue streams by lending out their address to other companies. They give firms an address where they can send and receive official correspondence.

3. Is it possible to register a business with a virtual address?

In place of the registered office address, a virtual office address is used. Although it is not your actual location, you can use your virtual registered office address as your company’s official mailing address. Without having an office of one’s own, it is an office address.

To Summarize

A virtual office is the best option for you if you want regular access to your company’s resources. A virtual office unites everyone under one roof, whether they are internal staff members, clients, or distant teams.

Virtual offices are more likely to become the norm than the exception as technology advances on a daily basis and businesses change more quickly. Contact us for more detail!