Despite the fact that studio apartments are small, they generally have a lower rent than one-bedroom apartments in the same location.  You’ll also spend less on heating, cooling, and electricity thanks to the smaller floor design. Renting a studio apartment might help you stay inside your strict budget.

While the purchase and rental prices of a studio apartment may be cheaper than the average cost of a one-bedroom property. Today, we’d like to share our success story with you. Last month, we rented a studio apartment to the proprietor of an Travel business. Initially, they were satisfied with our service. Let’s see how we dealt with this scenario while assisting them!

A Real-Life Case Study Of Our Studio Apartments Rent

Client Information:

Case study: Mr. Jafor Ahamed

Occupation Type: Travel Agency Owner

Location: Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Services: Studio apartment rent

Client Overview:

Mr. Jafor Ahamed is a young entrepreneur who runs a travel agency in Dhaka’s Banani. His preferred studio apartments for rent were in an inconvenient location.

Initially, he began looking for an alternative place, but time was of the essence. He also understood that, with his limited funds, he couldn’t even afford to cover all of the fees and other perks that come with renting a traditional apartment.

As a result, he preferred a modern and quite good studio apartment. As a result, he believes that providing a safe, effective, and comfortable living environment will allow each family member to achieve this aim to the best of their abilities.

Our Approach:

Mr. Jafor Ahamed informed me that one of his old friends had rented a studio apartment, which is one of the useful services. So they conducted some analysis and contacted us.

His intention was for the apartment’s interior to be modern, unique, and pleasant. A sofa, coffee and end tables, a dining table and chairs, beds, and basic kitchen appliances are also recommended.

Therefore, finding a better method to ensure the facilities given for studio apartment service was one of the requirements. He demanded several conveniences in our flats, such as floor or table lighting, a toaster, a microwave, and basic cookware.

Value Delivered:

Mr. Jafor Ahamed gets up early these days and commutes to work. He is not fatigued despite working at his workplace for 10 hours every day. Every day, his team deals with a large client.

So, their family closeness is strengthening on a regular basis. They can unwind more readily. Furthermore, having comfy furnishings facilitates communication with your family.

On the other hand, he had previously finished the paperwork and the house tax with ease.

Facilities he got from us:

  • DVD player
  • Refrigerator
  • Sofa
  • Pool
  • Automobile charging stations in spa
  • Green space
  • Environmental benefits
  • Recreational sports facilities
  • Spa

Final Words

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Jafor Ahamed. He and his family like to work in well-equipped studio apartments. Especially since our services give him the independence he requires. In addition, we will continue to contact him as needed. Our goal is to keep our customers. We would want to assist more people like Mr. Jafor Ahamed. Please contact our pros if you want to collaborate with us.