Serviced apartments are completely equipped with all of the furnishings you’d expect to find in a home.  The concept of serviced apartments is not new. In more than 10 years, they are a well-liked hotel choice, giving both business and vacation guests great benefits.

They also come with all you need to work, cook, and live, including a desk, kitchenware, and laundry baskets.  In the spirit of laundry baskets, many serviced apartments provide a tumble dryer. Serviced apartments usually have ample space for visitors to work, cook, relax, and sleep.

Conversely, the query can come up: Is it really a good idea to rent in furnished apartments? Furnished apartments are becoming a more reliable and cost-effective alternative to hotels. According to the Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report 2022 (GSAIR), 9% of employers have added non-hotel apartment choices to their trip plans since Covid incident.

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How It Better Idea To Rent In Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is much less costly to rent than a hotel room. Additionally, you may enjoy most facilities in a serviced apartment for a low cost. The majority of apartments have services such as a private kitchen, laundry, cleaning, television, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioned rooms, and others. 

Guests in a serviced apartment have greater area to work, cook, relax, and sleep, and may anticipate to have 30% more space than a similar grade of hotel. 

A basic one bedroom serviced apartment is almost twice the normal size hotel. Most guests that wish to dine in their room because it is both cheap or nice and peaceful.

How Are Serviced Apartments Setup Made Luxurious

Luxury Serviced Apartments have caught the hearts and ideas of guests seeking better alternatives to classic hotels.  These luxurious lodgings are available in a variety of sizes and styles to satisfy the most discriminating visitor. Many elements of these hotels have evolved to be popular with well and international visitors over the years.

Serviced apartments are often furnished apartments or units that are rented out for quick trips, with the owner paying a management to clean the property and manage bookings for rentals. Ensure this idea for more luxury-

  • Additional Living Space
  • Lower Prices in Comparison to Hotels
  • Increased Privacy
  • More tranquil
  • Self-Cooking Convenience
  • Modern conveniences
  • Style Your Entertaining
  • More Protected

How Much Rental Cost

A standard studio apartment in Dhaka City is a modest apartment with one huge room that houses the living area, bedroom, and kitchen.  A studio apartment in Dhaka normally contains a modest bathroom, and some have a balcony or other distinct quarters.

The average studio rental price in Dhaka City is between £23 to £1,482. However, depending on travel durations and government rules, this cost may alter over time in Dhaka. According to the Nestpick database, the average studio rental price in London is between £23 to £1,496However, depending on travel durations and government rules, this cost may alter over time in Dhaka.

5 Advantages of Renting a Furnished Serviced Apartments

Renting a furnished apartment might help you save money as well making you more at ease in your new place. Here are five advantages of renting a furnished apartment:

  • There will be no tension on moving day

Renting a furnished apartment may be more challenging as you must decide the furniture to buy and where to put it. Because if you’re moving to a new city, you’ll have a lot of options to make while attempting to settle in!

  • Make the best use of your money

Furnishing and equipping a home with all you need to be comfortable can be one of the most expensive aspects of owning a home.

  • Make the best use of your money

Furnishing and furnishing a home with all you need to be comfortable can be one of the most expensive aspects of owning a home. All apartments have a complete choice of stylish, high-quality furniture, a washer-dryer, and kitchenware.

  • Reassurance that you are going into a unit that has been well cleaned

Some spend hours cleaning their old apartment before moving in and settling in. Additionally, we provide clean services all year long since we realize that life is hectic and that we will handle the clean task for you so you can focus on other importances.

  • Professional and prompt fixes

Little things do go wrong from time to time, such as a shaky wardrobe door or a glow fridge light, but our amiable and competent crew has you covered for on management and 24-hour emergency call out.

3 Tips For Renting Out a Furnished Apartment Successfully

  • Make an impression with your furnishings

The term “furnished apartment” is at best imprecise, meaning mainly that the unit would be outfitted with basic furnishings and kitchen amenities. The important thing is that renters may move in after obtaining a furnished apartment.

  • Make certain you are insured

It must be made very clear that if the home’s owner also becomes a landlord, the apartment will no longer be covered by the homeowner’s insurance as the owner and occupant.

  • Spend some time getting ready before each viewing

Everything is in a great workplace before you show the unit to renters. Make sure all is in operation and spend time setting up the furnished apartment before a viewing visit. You’ll feel at ease.

FAQs Of Furnished Serviced Apartments

Which furnished apartment should I select?

For an apartment to be rented, it must be properly furnished; bear in mind that you are providing a furnished residence.

How do I determine my rent?

Beyond the apartment’s fundamental qualities, like its location, floor, or bedroom, the rent is frequently a deciding element in the search for housing.

Is property management beneficial?

You will be able to place your unit under rental management to reduce rental risks and gain the advantages of some insurances.


Naturally, furnished apartment facilities provide several other advantages, such as increased productivity and excellent networking chances. Renting a furnished apartment can help you relocate more easily, spend less on furnishings, and get settled into your new place faster.  A furnished apartment has all of the furnishings that a reasonable person would require to live comfortably. Contact us for more detail!