Bangladesh’s real estate market is attracting investors once more, generally to specialists in the field. According to them, the market’s physical character is strong. Appreciation potential has stoked investor enthusiasm.

Thus, the question is: “Why is renting a furnished office space a good idea?

Because in 2022 there is now a wide selection, renting is currently seen as one of the best choices. Although furnished offices are attractive and instantly usable. Their typical rental costs could be too exorbitant to burn holes in the wallet.

Let’s get started, without any further confusion.

4 Reasons Why it’s a Smart idea to Rent Furnished Office Space

The following are some of the main justifications for selecting a fully furnished office space for rent in Dhaka:

  1. Flexibility: Your greatest facilities would be provided by a fully furnished office space. Thedesign of HotelsBD places the biggest emphasis on adaptability.
  2. Cost Effective: Who is financially able to meet every need? You should rent since it will save you a lot of money, in general.
  3. Scalability: You can select the ideal one with ease based on your needs. Additionally, it is more practical because less money needs to be set aside for investing.
  4. Improves Networking:Good networking is a must for renting office space. When you select a fully furnished office space for rent in Dhaka, it gains significantly.

Who Can Profit from Furnished Office Space?

An office that is completely outfitted has advantages for all kinds of businesses and business owners. Everyone wants the greatest technology tools, after all there is no doubt that you will be profited.

Profit From Furnished Office Space

What exactly is offered in a fully furnished office space?

If you choose to rent a fully furnished office space in Dhaka with HotelsBD, the following benefits are waiting for you:

  1. Rooms for Conference
  2. Workstation & Cabins
  3. Relax Zone
  4. Power Support
  5. Scanner & Printing
  6. WiFi at High Speed
  7. 24 Hour Access

Is buying or renting commercial property preferable?

A purchase usually makes sense if you have enough cash on hand to cover the down payment and six months’ worth of mortgage payments without putting your company in a cash crunch. Like everything else in life, the response is, “It depends.”

  • Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting

Renting could be the best option if you want to:

  1. Additional tax deductions for lease expenses
  2. Run a business in a costly to buy space
  3. Depending on your rent, relief from the duty of keeping the property
  4. Prevent locking your money up in the down payment
  5. The freedom to quit your rent when it’s up



  • Reasons Why You Should Consider Owning

Buying could be a wise choice if you:

  1. Want to earn a second income by renting out some of the area
  2. A 10% strategy to increase the property’s equity
  3. You want to rearrange the space how you see right.

Renting a Furnished Office Space has its Advantages

These are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a furnished office space, listed below:

  1. Low Spending: The monthly payments are typically all-inclusive and there are no depreciation costs, meaning the space can be easily maintain over a long period of time.
  2. Due to the rent, flexible: There are minimal legal costs associate with signing a lease and typically no references. This is why companies frequently favor pre-lease, short-term facilities that are ready for use.
  3. Consistent Help: On-site assistance in various forms is frequently offer by commercial centers.
  4. Depiction of Professionalism: By renting a furnished office space, your company may constantly present a professional image.
  5. Comfortable Scalability: As a business’ needs evolve over time, it is simple to adapt the available space. As a result, they won’t have to pay for space.

3 Significant Challenges in Renting a Fully Furnished Office Space

Businesses may face these 3 Significant Challenges during renting fully furnished office.

  1. Workplace: The most important problem affecting office space is the difficulty of workplace customization possibilities, according to 31%
  2. Fully equipped: After that, ran into issues with his fully equipped apartment’s insufficient equipment.
  3. Security loss: Experiences a lot of security loss. 30% of the time, according to a company’s employees, it is challenging.

Services We Offer To Overcome Challenges

HotelsBD can overcome every challenge you face. We work diligently to get over them.

  1. Concern for Security and Safety:Deal with security and safety issues by using the same tools and fully furnished offices. He has access to specific, secure networks thanks to us.
  2. Small Space:Professionals should organize all of their possessions neatly. Then, for his comfort, we give him unrestricted space.
  3. Obstacles in the area: The primary problems with co-working environments are the constant distractions and the clamor of people moving around. We provide complete silence, and there are private cabins.

Frequently Asked Question For Furnished Office Space


1. What Role Do Virtual Offices Play?

You may use our Virtual Offices to find the perfect solution for all of your needs. Simply get in touch with HotelsBD. You might also mail it.

2. How much time is needed to rent an office?

A rental might take two to eight weeks to execute since it is a lengthy, intricate legal document.

3. Can I rent an office in Dhaka for the day? What is the price?

Our fully furnished day offices in Dhaka are available to rent by the hour, day or by the day. Online reservations are made for a single visitor and a single individual. For assistance with bigger day office needs, please get in touch with our sales team.

4. May I schedule a viewing?

Yes, our team will be delight to tour you around any of our business centers. And respond to any inquiries you may have on our office space. To schedule a visit, contact our team by phone or online.

5. How is the cost of renting a space decided?

  • Consider Your Price Per Square Foot.
  • Add it to the total square footage.
  • You now know your total annual rent.
  • For monthly rent, multiply by 12.

At Last


2022 and 2023 are “banner years to invest” due to the unusual combination of market dynamics.

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