A furnished apartment has everything you’ll need to live comfortably for the duration of your visit. In other circumstances, the cost of furniture is included in your rent, which is often somewhat more than for unfurnished apartments.

In either case, renting a furnished apartment might be less expensive than buying all of your flat’s furniture at once.

A furnished apartment has all of the furnishings that a reasonable person would require to live comfortably.

This brings up a considerable argument: Is Furnished Serviced Apartments Really Flexible For Living?

A furnished apartment could be ideal for college students, persons moving temporarily for work or medical reasons, those without furnishings, and those who move regularly. Strong Market Growth for Furnished Rentals These two sources together account for 54% of the market.

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How Are Furnished Serviced Apartments Flexible For Living?

Furnished Serviced apartments are essentially second houses. In a serviced apartment, you have access to everything. Most have a bedroom, a fully furnished kitchen, a living room, a bathroom or ensuite, and parking.

A couch, coffee and end tables, a dining room table and chairs, mattresses, and basic kitchen appliances are typically included in furnished flats. Some may have additional items like a toaster, a microwave, basic kitchenware, or table or floor lights.

Working from home is now simpler than ever thanks to furnished serviced flats, which are the ideal accommodations for modern flexible working. 

The Stay Company apartments allow you the freedom to do so whether you need to attend a conference in the city center or just need a quiet place to work.

According to the Highland Group, the corporate housing market actually increased by 13% last year, reaching $3.62 billion. And rather than corporate tenants, at least some of the rise may be attributed to residential renters.

How Much Is The Average Cost Of A Furnished Apartment?


Finding an average cost may be difficult because there are so many different elements that might have an impact. 

According to estimates, it may cost between $550 to $1250 to buy the necessities for a new furnished apartment given all these variances. 

This is a wide range, however it takes into account the fact that the price of each piece of furniture might vary.

You’re not mistaken if this feels like a significant financial outlay. Thankfully, there are some methods to reduce the expense of outfitting an apartment. Simply knowing where to seek for a good offer will do.

5 Essential Benefits of Furnished Serviced Apartments


  • Flexibility

In general, renting a furnished flat in Dhaka gives you more freedom than any other sort of property. Everything will be under control, including shifting fees, upfront charges, departure costs, and furniture purchase prices.

  • Lower Initial Cost

The cheaper initial cost of renting an apartment that is completely furnished is another significant benefit. No new furniture has to be purchased. Consequently, you may save money on furniture purchases. 

  • Reduced tension

You won’t need to hire trucks or worry about moving your stuff. You would adorn everything even after relocating. Also you may immediately begin living pleasantly in the apartment.

  • Simple To Leave

Furnished flats are simple to depart because there is no need to bother about moving furniture or normal home utilities. You may just pay the rental fee and depart the apartment without the need for pickup vehicles or trucks.

  • Increased Security

In general, a furnished apartment provides more security. The majority of the furnished flats are in safe and established locations. You don’t have to be concerned about security when you rent a furnished flat in Dhaka.

3 Tips For Renting Out Our Furnished Apartment


  • Get insurance

When renting out your studio apartment, don’t forget to seek supplementary insurance because your present insurance may not cover you as a landlord.

  • Maintain communication with your tenants

Another smart move when renting out your furnished apartment is to get in touch with the renters on a frequent basis by phone or email to ensure everything is going well and to keep them aware of any maintenance needs.

  • Make tenant screening a priority

You’ll need someone you can trust with both if you’re renting out both your flat and your stuff. Finding a renter with whom you feel comfortable depends on conducting a thorough and comprehensive screening procedure on prospective tenants.



What is a furnished apartment?

A furnished flat is already furnished with all of the essential furnishings. The type and amount of furniture varies according to budget and geography.

Do furnished apartments include TV?

It is up to the landlord. Some furnished flats feature television, while others do not.

Should I rent a furnished apartment or not?

If you desire greater flexibility, a furnished apartment is preferable to an unfurnished property.

Can I keep my own furniture in a furnished apartment?

You may certainly keep your furniture and other items in the remaining places.



At this point, you may decide whether you want to seek a furnished apartment for rent in Dhaka or an unfurnished flat. Please contact the Rents staff if you require any rental help.  Tenants may rely on them to locate the best furnished flat in Dhaka within their price range. Best wishes! Please get in touch with us if you need further details.