The work environment is significantly more demanding and dynamic in today’s highly competitive world.  So, an ideal furnished office space can create impact on your business reputation and growth. 

Hence, the question is, “Does having a fully furnished office actually provide for a stress-free work environment?”

In a furnished office you can find everything you need, including a well-decorated workstation, a fully functional kitchen, free Wi-Fi, security & surveillance, and more. However, you only need to carry your personal stuff.

Nowadays, approximately 35% of freelancers and 50% of new businesses prefer fully furnished offices. Because they can move not only into a high-quality furnished office space but also do not have to deal with a lot of trouble. Without delay, let’s move into it!

How Does A Furnished Office Offer Hassle-Free Service?

Working from home creates too many distractions, or there is a need for a professional setting in which to meet clients for freelancer or start-up businesses. Although, by choosing  a furnished office for commercial rent, the company only has to bring their laptop and perhaps some personal stuff to make the place feel like their home.  It’s not necessary to go furniture shopping, or put together bookcases and cabinets. All services are offered at one convenient location by serviced office centers. Moreover, in a fully furnished office, you may avoid time for interior design and match the decoration of your company.  However, it might be exhausting, and take a lot of time to purchase the office equipment. Also, arranging the office interior and furniture can create a lot of hassle.  The monthly rent or lease for the office includes everything you need to have a professionally set-up workspace, including the right furniture, furnishings, etc.  Although with this already set up, you won’t have to take any pressure on decorations or other extras and can get right to work.

According to a recent report, during the projection period, the market for office furniture is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of under 7%. By the end of 2023, the market for office furniture will probably be worth over US$72 billion.

Fully equipped office rentals provide a working area with a contemporary design, all the necessary conveniences, and top-notch technology, providing a professional work environment. A furnished office is not just a benefit for your employees, but also your clients. The professionalism of your business can be greatly enhanced by having an expert, clean office where you can conduct in-person meetings.

5 Advantages Of Well-Equipped Office


1. Saves time and cost:

  • The cost of renting the newest furniture, instead of buying it, may be slightly higher. However, it is still insignificant in comparison to the cost of purchasing the furniture completely.
  • Another benefit is that you’ll be able to save the time you would have used to decorate the interior and set up your office. 

2. Easy to maintain:

You only need to make regular payments for the service, which includes applicable maintenance fees, as specified in your contract. 

3. Security:

It is well known that pre-made installations include parking, a network, security, etc

4. Increasing productivity:

When they see workplaces that are organized and ready for work, your staff will feel energized and more productive.

5. Relaxed and Professional Ambience:

Instead of having to decide what kind of chair will seem professional, getting an office that has already been set up will allow you to picture how your workplace will look professional.

It will be a wise decision and a great investment to select an office space that has all of these advantages.

Market Analysis Of Furnished Office


As the demand for furnished office space is rising:


Year       Market Share USD
2021        $27.83 Billion
2022         $33.30 Billion
2023         $38.02 Billion
2024         $44.63 Billion
2025         $53.64 Billion


From the above data, you can see that the market demand for furnished office is increasing day by day. Although, in the year of 2021 the market share was $27.83 billion and it is expected that in 2025, it will be $53.64 billion.

Drawbacks Of Renting A Fully Equipped Office

1. License contracts: 

If it’s required to make space for new residents, license agreements in some circumstances would permit facility managers to transfer a company to a different area of the commercial building.

2. Sharing resources:

When you lease office space in a serviced office building, you must share facilities like parking, conference rooms, restrooms, and more with other tenants.

3. Long-term costs may be high:

Furnished office costs can be less expensive in the short to medium term, but they can be more expensive to rent over the long term.

4. Liabilities increase:

The renter will be responsible for any losses if there is even the slightest accidental damage to the building or the interior of the office.

How To Overcome From The Challenges

You must first give yourself time to think things through before you make a choice and importantly, you have read the contact agreement carefully.

Additionally, you have to be clear with the provider about your preferences and also their provided services. However, if you want to customize anything then you have to make it sure.

Most importantly, make sure with rules and regulations about the provided services. No matter how open or informal the workplace environment, every business wants to project a professional image. Because it enables them to win their clients’ trust.

Demand For Furnished Office Sspace is Rising

Tips To Hire A Reliable Furnished Office Provider

1. Selecting the Best Location: The most important duty while looking for an office is location. Your company will grow and your employees will be pleased if you choose the correct location.

2. Calculate office costs: After choosing the site and the plan, you must now consider all the equipment your company will require to operate well. Again, this depends on the design you select.

3. Never agree to a long-term lease: You will still be required to pay for space even if your firm fails. If business is booming, you could need to move up, and the old location might not be big enough for your new staff.

4. Office Space Customization: Make sure you are aware of all the areas you can modify in the final space you have selected before signing any lease agreements. 

Additionally, find out whether any necessary remodeling is allowed.



1. What is the price of a well-furnished office?


A fully furnished office price depends per square foot. It also varies because of different facilities.


2. Does that cover all furniture?


You are given desk, chair, bookcase, filing cabinet, and so on.


3. Is there an additional cost for tea and coffee?


No. This would be complementary.

To Conclude


As your company expands, it’s probable that you’ll need to improve your office space to make room for more workers. Using a traditional office suite can make this very difficult and expensive. One of the main advantages of renting a furnished office space is that, anytime you need more space, you can move right in without having to move and furnish again.  You can always easily make sure that your office space fulfills your demands with an office rental. Call us for more details about our furnished office service.