At the beginning of the twenty-first century, every element of this contemporary civilization faced a dramatic change. The start-up scene in Bangladesh is relatively new, despite the fact that it has played a significant role in the global economy. In this world, there is an increasing need for furnished office working spaces, especially the young minds who are facing the lack of availability of funds to choose private office spaces. 


Although, the question may arise, “Does the furnished office actually save cost for the young entrepreneurs?”

Furnished office is much more affordable as it has desks, wi-fi, furniture, printers, refreshment facilities, and pretty much all you need for a professional environment. However, you just need to pay a specific amount, and your service provider will take care of the rest! Let’s explore it below!

How Does The Furnished Office Save Cost

In Bangladesh, there is a growing need for furnished office space. There are presently a variety of office spaces available in major cities like Dhaka. Start-ups and young business owners that struggle to afford a traditional office. So that, they can easily use a furnished office, which is more adaptable and practical for them. 

To save money and take use of a variety of services and facilities included in the leasing agreement, the majority of new entrepreneurs choose to share their space.  After all, if you rent an unfurnished office space, you’ll need to buy all the furniture, including desks, chairs, and other office supplies. All of this is quite expensive and will likely affect your finances.

A fully equipped kitchen, mail service, free Wi-Fi, security & surveillance, monitoring and other services  are provided in a furnished office space. When you rent a furnished office space, everything is already set up and is included in the cost. You’ll be able to clearly see how much money it will save you and how much time it will take.

At a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9%, it is anticipated that the worldwide furnished office market would increase from $27 billion in 2020 to $32.9 billion in 2021.

Approximate Cost To Hire A Furnished Office In Bangladesh

A furnished office is a fully equipped, ready-to-use office that the user rents on a pay-per-use basis. Renters have access to desk space as well as essential business services like reception assistance, conference rooms, kitchens and breakout spaces, printing services, events, and networking opportunities.

The price depends on the area, the size of the room, and the type of office you need. Special facilities also impact monthly fees. Office space in Bangladesh typically costs on per square foot. Moreover, it depends on how many employees you have and where you want the office to be located are the first things to think about when estimating the cost of a furnished office. If you live in a bigger city where space is more expensive, the cost of renting an office will typically be higher.

 Why You Should Rent A Fully Furnished Office?

It can be challenging, unpleasant, and time-consuming to move into an office space. An office building requires a large amount of maintenance expenses. So that, there are advantages that can be to rent a fully furnished office to overcome from the expenses:

1. Time-saving: It takes a lot of time to furnish and decorate an office, but with a well-furnished office, you may avoid the hassle and save time for other work.

2. Relaxed and Professional Ambience: It will be easier to create a professional look for your workplace if you get an office that has already been set up.

3. Simple to maintain: Maintenance is simple when you don’t have your own furnishings and equipment to maintain. All you need to do is make monthly payments for the usage as specified in your contract, which includes the maintenance fees.

4. Increased safety: Security, parking, network, and other facilities are frequently included with pre-made sets. Selecting a space with all the facilities will be a wise choice and a great investment.

What to Expect From An Equipped Office Space?

When renting office space, there are a few fundamental things you should anticipate. Obviously, these are really the essentials. There may be additional facilities in some offices.

  • Comfortable furniture: There should be a full warranty on the furniture, and everything should be in good condition.
  • Interiors: Even the most basic items can have a big impact, even if decoration isn’t high on your list of priorities or in your budget.
  • Internet: However, if that isn’t possible, it should have a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection that enables all essential business operations.
  • Kitchen: Ensure that the kitchen should be well equipped with toaster, microwave, kettle, and coffee machine.

The Global Market Growth Of Furnished Office Service

YearMarket Growth (USD)
2021$32.9 million
2022$34.4 million
2023$35.7 million 
2024$38.6 million


From the above table it is clear that the global market of furnished office service is growing day by day. Although, in 2021 the market share was 32.9 million USD and it is expect to grow 38.6 million USD within 2024.

Can’t Customize Your Rental Furnished Workspaces- A Myth!

After marking an agreement for renting a furnished office, it is not possible to customize. You have to accept according to the provider’s choice.  Also, there is no way to change any decoration if you don’t like it. Actually, it is not true at all!

A furnished office service provider has floor plans that can be entirely customized. They work closely with its members to design a space that meets each client’s specific requirements, whether they require a few private offices and conference spaces or a completely open floor plan.  They want their members to personalize their spaces with their company’s branding, and it can help with these changes before you move in, so it’s all you from day one.

Furnished Office On rent in Bangladesh

 5 Essential Tips To Hire A Fully Equipped Office Space

  • Determine how much space you’ll need:

Think about your team’s size and the shape of your growth projection. How many square feet of space will each individual require and what kind of workplace would your team flourish in?

  • Inquire about the facilities offered:

Consider the facilities that are include in the rental price when choosing a contemporary office space. Modern facilities and a fully functional workspace can make a huge impact for your company.

  • Legal risks to avoid:

When renting a commercial office space, remember to carefully review the terms of your lease. Pay close attention to the lease’s duration, property tax, potential for extension, and also maintenance cost.

  • To find flexible facilities:

You should be on the lookout for any lease procedure flexibility in addition to the requirements you set for your fully furnished space.

  • Observe the safety and security:

For every member of your staff, safety and security should come first. You should feel safe, as should the other members of your team, wherever you end up working.


1. What exactly are fully furnished offices?

A furnished office is a fully equipped, ready-to-use office space with services offered and a manager to look after the property. 

2. What kinds of offices are there?

  • Private Office.
  • Enterprise Office.
  • Co-working Desk.
  • Virtual Office.
  • Do serviced offices require you to pay business rates?

Business rates are include in all license-relate expenses.

3. Why is office maintenance done?

Businesses only pay for the space they actually use in serviced offices, which are often equipped, pre-cabled, and have access to top-notch equipment. 

As a result, there won’t be any downtime while moving in, which might assist free up extra money for other business needs.


Naturally, furnished office facilities have a ton of other advantages, including boosting productivity, providing excellent networking chances, etc. So that, these facilities attract the young entrepreneur more. Although our company’s growth may take off due to the location, elegantly furnished office, and pleasant work atmosphere. Our offices, which are more flexible and useful solutions for them, are available to startups and business owners who are unable to afford a regular office. Contact us for more detail!