A fully furnished apartment has everything you’ll need to live comfortably for the duration of your visit. 

A furnished serviced apartment contains enough necessary items and furnishings for individuals to live comfortably without having to bring their own furniture.

People may live happily in a furnished apartment without bringing their own furniture if it is equipped with all the necessary items and furnishings.

The necessities that make a house bearable are also included in a furnished serviced apartment, along with all of the essentials.

Another query that could come up is this: How Does a Furnished Serviced Apartment Really Ease Your Life?

Serviced apartments provide more roomy lodging, such as a living room, kitchen, separate bedroom, and bathroom, assuring the comfort of the client. When well-positioned and well-equipped, the most attractive apartments have a success rate of 80%.

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How Does A Furnished Serviced Apartment Ease Your Life?

A serviced apartment is a completely furnished apartment that is available for both short-term and long-term stays. 

It includes housekeeping, a variety of additional services, and facilities for everyday usage. All of these services are included in the rental cost. Compared to a studio apartment, a service apartment is more opulent. 

For relocation assignees all over the world, serviced apartments are an excellent substitute for hotels since they provide real advantages to both the employee and the business. 

Rather than staying in a cramped hotel room, you may enjoy living in a larger environment. Imagine spending the entire day in bed with little to no room to move around. 

You may select between a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom while renting a serviced apartment. You’ll have more space to organize and complete your everyday tasks.

5 Benefits Of Furnished Apartment Rent


  • Save money

Without a doubt, serviced apartments are around 40% less expensive than adjacent hotels. Most frequently, guests may avoid taxes and service fees. By choosing a serviced apartment of your choosing, you may save the hassle and be kind to your budget. Comfortable and worry-free.

  • Space

You might like living in a larger place than a little hotel. Imagine spending the whole day in bed, with hardly enough room to move about. A serviced apartment has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. You will have more space to plan and carry out your daily activities.

  • Home comfort and housekeeping

Allow a housekeeper to help you with cleaning. Everything in the apartments is completely furnished and equipped. It’s as simple as bringing your suitcase and plugging in your life.

  • Use of the entire facility

Enjoy the complete range of amenities at the property, including a gym, pool, BBQ, tennis courts, and many more, for a stress-free business vacation.

  • Security

Serviced residences are often housed in gated condominiums or flats with 24-hour security officers on patrol. As a result, when staying in a serviced apartment, you may sleep and travel in peace.

3 Great Reasons To Rent A Serviced Apartment


  • Flexibility

Serviced apartments provide larger accommodations than standard hotels, generally including a living area, a kitchen, a separate bedroom, and a bathroom, allowing guests to enjoy a more “home away from home” environment.

  • Better quality

At Payroll 2BD, we take pride in the quality and high level of our flats, and this extends beyond the permanent fittings. We not only provide excellent lodging in strategic areas, but we also offer 24 hour meet and greet services.

  • The cost-effectiveness

These cost savings can have a considerable influence on the entire cost of the relocation process, since temporary housing can be one of the most expensive outlays. One of the most significant advantages for both the employer and the assignee is the possibility of cost savings.


What is included in the apartment rent?

Weekly housekeeping and linens, heating and air conditioning, high-speed internet, local phone calls, voicemail, cable TV (72 channels), health club membership, and all taxes are all included.

Is onsite parking available?

Yes, there is parking on the site. There is an additional monthly cost.

What’s included in a fully furnished apartment?

A completely equipped rental home would often include all white goods (stove, refrigerator, freezer, and washing machine) as well as basic furnishings (sofa, dining table and chairs, beds, wardrobes, etc.).


To summarize, renting a furnished apartment in Madrid is an alternative that will be appealing to you in whatever case: flexibility, adaptability, savings, and carefreeness are all phrases that will be a part of your life as a tenant.

Moving and settling into a furnished apartment may make the process much faster and smoother. It comes with everything a sensible person would need to live comfortably. 

Before you make a decision, thoroughly analyze your alternatives and make sure you select an apartment that you are comfortable in because you are establishing a new home.

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