In the modern corporate environment, the way we work is rapidly transforming. A furnished office is a ready-to-use office that includes needed high-end facilities, whereas corporations purchase or lease space and transform it into an office.

Businesses generally prefer the traditional office concept, but serviced offices provide the ideal environment for collaboration to deepen and improve relations across businesses.

A furnished office is cost-effective and easily available, but a traditional office is time-consuming and demands an investment of both time and money.

Therefore, the following query is raised: Is Really Furnished Office Essential For Business?

To establish a business, look for some excellent cost estimate furnished office Space and get one that fits. From the survey, In 2020, the sector had the second-lowest take-up rate (21%) behind finance and banking (28%). The flexible office sector saw take-up of 0.31 million square feet in 2020, 66% less than the 10-year average.

Let’s go straight into the bottom of the issue! ….

Analysis Report: Furnished Office vs. Traditional Office


1. Ready for Business


Furnished Office:

A Furnished Office has all of the infrastructure needed for a corporate office. The internet and power are both operational.

Traditional Office:

In a traditional office, the real work begins once you sign the papers. You must purchase furniture, have internet connectivity, and have the water and electricity turned on.

Winner: Furnished Office, 


2. Rental Conditions


Furnished Office:

A serviced office lease might be as short as a few months, whereas regular offices sometimes require multi-year contracts.

Traditional Office:

As part of their long-term investments, which provides a permanent office space or primary site of operations, including their own equipment and amenities.

Winner: Traditional Office, It could be a better workspace option for businesses that would like to test the market or in a stage where growth and returns on investment are sure.


3. Services and Facilities


Furnished Office:

The necessary office furniture, as well as conveniences like cutting-edge IT infrastructure and telecommunications devices, are all included in serviced offices.

Traditional Office:

Likewise, the business will have to purchase its own equipment and provide a range of facilities and services for both the business and its employees.

Winner: Furnished Office, Office work and administrative support may also be included in the package, providing them with additional operational cost flexibility.


4. Maintenance


Furnished Office:

A furnished office tenant is not needed to hire its own cleaning team, property maintenance crew, or service personnel.

Traditional Office:

In a traditional office setting, the firm would have to employ its own cleaning, security, and maintenance personnel or outsource these activities.

Winner: Furnished Office, is more easy to Maintain.


5. Flexiblity


Furnished Office:

As needed, the workspace may be increased or decreased. adaptive responses.

Traditional Office:

Brick and mortar barriers decrease the amount of available area. Customizable, but expensive.

Winner: Furnished Office, Be aware that you are paying for convenience, flexibility, and services.

So, after considering between a furnished office and a traditional office, consider whatever you need to run a profitable business. If you require a place for a team with a more flexible work schedule and plenty of benefits, a furnished office might be the ideal workspace for you.

How To Grow Your Business With Furnished Office

The hasty solutions look bad and make employees feel uneasy and underpaid. Such short-term fixes may keep the office running for a while, but it will ultimately be time for a complete remodel.

When that time comes, here are three steps to transforming your office into a vibrant, flexible environment where employees want to come to work.

  • Prepare for a move

In making major changes, ensure that they are all on the same page. People become used to even the most difficult situations, and it is human nature to resist change.

  • Give heed to their employees

Leadership must assess the company’s people and their preferences. Analyze and assess what is and isn’t functioning in the office, and make the necessary changes. 

Keeping your employees happy and engaged should be a top goal at every level of your company’s growth.

  • Think outside the desk

There are additional elements that can enhance the workplace environment in addition to the fundamental design and furnishings of your area.

Furnished Office Spaces

Do you know? The market for furnished offices worldwide had a value of $31.37 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase by 11.1% CAGR to $90.63 billion by 2030.

How To Grow Your Business With Traditional Office

A traditional office location means that you always have a professional venue to bring clients, hold meetings, and collaborate with coworkers. 

You may also use your office space to establish your brand identity and establish relationships with your customers.

  • A professional setting

A typical office location means that you always have a professional venue to bring clients, hold meetings, and collaborate with colleagues. If visiting clients in person is critical to customer service performance, a traditional office space may be required.

  • Collaboration

An office location provides the benefit of having a physical venue for employees to gather and discuss ideas.

  • Overall control of the office environment

You have complete control over your working environment when you have a physical space. Everyone has access to the same tools and resources.

Important Note: Managers work in traditional offices 77% of the time, while 20% do so from home.



What makes the best office space?

Many businesses prefer serviced offices because they provide room for expansion.

Are You Flexible in Your Date of Possession?

The majority of furnished office spaces for rent are not ready for immediate occupancy.

How much does a furnished office cost?

Our fully furnished, serviced offices start at $200 per week.

Does that include all furnishings?

Yes. You are provided with a desk, chair, bookshelf, and filing cabinet.

To Conclude 


Numerous businesses in Dhaka rent out furnished offices. Examine the ratings and reviews of services before selecting one for your business. Once you’ve chosen a service provider, make sure your contract with them fully addresses all of your furnishing needs. Contact us right now to learn more about how we can help you with your furnished office needs!