Renting an office space may be a terrific way to combine the freedom of working from home with the structure of a traditional workplace. Rent is often deductible as a business cost when it is for property used for business purposes by the client. As a result, you may find it simpler to balance your personal and professional ambitions. 

This raises an important question: Can Really Service Office Space Be Work Freedom?

Yes, A well-decorated workstation, a fully working kitchen, free Wi-Fi, security & monitoring, and other amenities are freedom available in an office space. However, you simply need to bring your own belongings.

The first office space facilities developed in the early 2000s. They attracted largely self-employed freelancers and web merchants operating in a setting other than coffee shops, commercial locations, and home offices.

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How can Service Office Space Be Work Freedom ?

A serviced office is a completely equipped, ready-to-use office space with utilities and an operator to maintain the property. On a rolling renewal basis, this sort of workplace is offered for flexible, short-term renting.

A serviced office is a fully furnished office or office building that is maintained by a facilities management firm, often known as an office provider, which rents individual offices or floors to other businesses.

Moreover, serviced offices often have fully staffed greeting desks, kitchens, lunch areas, cleaning and maintenance services, conference rooms, and networking places. Businesses can also take use of extra pay-as-you-go services and facilities.

In 2020, high rent demand will be 0.8 million units, rising to 1.14 million units in 2030. Furthermore, this industry directly contributes roughly BDT 5.0 billion to government income each year (through VAT, registration fees, utility fees, and so on).

A serviced office, also known as a managed office, is a type of office space that is typically located in a business center. Serviced office providers often charge firms a flat monthly price and operate the premises on behalf of tenants.

 5 Benefits Of Serviced Office Space


  • Cost-effective

A serviced office, also known as a managed office, is a type of office space that is typically located in a business center.

Serviced office providers often charge firms a flat monthly price and operate the premises on behalf of tenants.

  • Short-term leases

Shorter or more flexible lease terms allow you to rent office space for just the amount of time you require.

However, preventing your firm from becoming locked into a rental commitment that prevents it from spreading out or reacting to changing market conditions.


  • Useful facilities

Most serviced offices feature beneficial amenities. Private kitchens and staffed reception spaces are common additions.

But they may also include more specialized amenities like on-site gym access, IT assistance, and AV-equipped meeting rooms.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning are the duty of the serviced office manager and are usually included in your leasing rates.

If major repairs are needed, such as repairing a leak, you may be provided temporary office space while the work is being done.

  • Networking

Many serviced offices are located in shared facilities where other businesses operate, allowing you to network and create contacts with other company leaders in your sector.

Service Office Space Industry Analysis

As the market for service office space grows in size:

Year Increase Rate %
2021 10.47%
2022 17.71%
2023 19.10%
2024 22.50%


According to the Global Service Office Survey, 43% of office spaces are profitable, which means that 57% are detrimental.

Drawbacks of The Office Space

  • Lack of Privacy:

Instead, we must consider novel approaches to creating privacy. The solution here isn’t to close the building down; after all, we’ve spent the previous century working in offices like this.

  • An Open Plan Office Is Quiet:

Noise is a significant issue in an open concept office. Because the entire workplace is open, noise permeates it freely. However, it is usually the badly designed ones that get the most attention

  • Hard to Focus:

In an open office, you can always see what everyone is doing. While some individuals like this, for others, it can cause a lack of focus and productivity, as well as stress.

How to Remove Barriers


You should first allow yourself time to consider things before making a decision, as well as also thoroughly study the contact agreement. Furthermore, you must be open with the supplier about your tastes as well as the services they supply. However, if you wish to personalize something, you must be certain. Most important, ensure that all terms and conditions regarding the given services are followed.

Service Office Space Industry Analysis

How Do Serviced Offices Work?


The procedure of hiring a serviced office is intended to be simple: for a predetermined monthly charge per workstation, an organization may make full use of its office space. Customers may hire a single serviced office or a whole floor – in either case, you have access to completely equipped and ready for you to move in, with all of the required utilities included.

Haring Tips of Office Space


  • Lease agreement:

First, decide if you will sublease the facility or give users with independent office space as a service. You can only sublet if you have a legal agreement in your first rental contract to do so.

  • Monthly payments and fees:

Monthly payments and fees must be mention in your working agreement. Any extra fee costs should also be specified in the contract. Divide the fees into categories in your agreement.

  • Code of conduct:

Your office space lease will need a code of behavior. Use online community channels to promote your code of conduct to all parties involved to ensure everyone is on the same page.



What is the importance of office space?

Ans: An office is the physical representation of your firm. A company’s identity, ethos, and principles may be communicate through its office.

What is the main function of the office?

Ans: An officer’s primary duty is to receive, record, organize, and disseminate information.

What is modern office space?

Ans: Modern office spaces are designed with the premise that team members should be able to work from anywhere.



If you want to learn more about open concept offices and how they may help your business, leave a comment or contact us immediately. Service Office Space contributes to the profitability of any firm. Contact us for more details as possible.