Serviced Apartments is a one-stop shop for completely furnished serviced apartments and luxury serviced lodging for long, mid-term, and short corporate and non-corporate visits.

Serviced apartment costs are typically 30-50% lower than hotel rates. Staying in a serviced apartment for a lengthy period of time may also result in tax savings.

Today, we’d like to share our success story with you. Last month, we rented a furnished serviced apartment to a travel business owner. They were originally happy with our service.

Let’s see how we handled this scenario in aiding them!

A Real-Life Case Study Of Our Furnished Apartments Rental

Client Information:

Case study: Mr. Abdul khan

Occupation Type: Travel agency Owner

Location: Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Services: Furnished Serviced apartment rent

Client Overview:

Mr. Abdul Khan is a young entrepreneur in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh, who operates a travel agency. His preferred furnished apartments living for rent were in a quiet location.

Initially, he began looking for a different place, but time was an issue for him. He also acknowledged that, given his limited financial resources, he couldn’t even cover all of the prices and other facilities connected with renting a traditional apartment.

As a result, he required a contemporary flat that was completely equipped. He thus thinks that each member of the family will be able to achieve this aim to the best of their abilities in a secure, practical, and comfortable living environment.

Our Approach:

Mr. Abdul Khan said that one of his old friends had rented a furnished apartment, which is one of the practical services. After doing some research, they decided to call us.

He wanted the interior of the apartment to be contemporary, unique, and comfortable. Along with beds, basic kitchen equipment, a sofa, coffee, and end tables, a dining room table and chairs, and more.

So it was essential to find a better way to ensure the facilities provided for the furnished apartment service. He made other luxury requests for our flats, including floor or table lighting, a toaster, a microwave, and basic utensils.

Value Delivered:

These days, Mr. Abdul Khan gets up early and commutes to work. He spends ten hours a day at his workplace, yet he never seems to get worn out. His team takes care of a significant customer every day.

So, they are becoming closer as a family every day. They find it easier to unwind. Additionally, communicating with your family is much simpler when you have comfy furniture.

However, On the other hand, he had previously finished apartments, the paperwork and the house tax with ease. 

Facilities he got from us:

  • Rooftop patio
  • Fitness centers
  • Pools
  • Spa in the neighborhood garden
  • Vehicle charging stations
  • Green space
  • Environmental benefits
  • Recreational sports facilities
  • Inside the buildings, there are laundry rooms.

Final Thoughts

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Abdul Khan. He and his family prefer to work in apartments. Especially since our services give him the independence he requires.  In addition, we will continue to contact him as needed. Our goal is to keep our customers. We would like to assist more customers like Mr. Abdul Khan. Please contact our experts if you want to connect with us.