The parties to this short-term rental agreement (the “Agreement”) are: ________________________ (“Owner”) and ________________________ (“Guest”) as of the date last written on this Agreement’s signing page. Owner and Guest may be referred to as “Party” or “Parties” respectively. The Parties concur on the following for good and useful consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged:

1. Property: The property’s description is as follows: (Check one) townhouse, duplex, semi-detached house, room, apartment, condominium, other: _______________ with:

(a) __________ bedrooms 

(b) __________ bathrooms

located at ________________________________________ [Address] (the “Property”). Owner is the owner of the property. The owner has completely furnished and outfitted the property for basic housekeeping. The property includes the following features: (Tick each application.)

  1.  Microwave
  2.  dishwasher 
  3. refrigerator 
  4.  dryer 
  5.  Washer
  6.  Cable
  7.  wifi 
  8. hot tub 
  9.  linens 
  10.  swimming pool
  11. Fireplace
  12.  other: ___________

There might be a basic stock of personal care and cleaning supplies in the Property. All additional materials, as well as all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, must be purchased by the guests.

Disclaimer for Hot Tubs (Check if applicable) ☐ The guest is aware that hot tubs include some inherent risks. Users use the hot tub at their own risk, and the owner is not liable for any injuries that may result.

2. Rental Party: The conditions of this Agreement will apply to every member of the rental party. The Property may only be occupied by the people mentioned on this Agreement. “Rental Party” includes the Guest as well as the following people:

 First Name & Last Name  Relationship to Guest
_______________________ _______________________
_______________________ _______________________
_______________________ _______________________



Owner Signature 


Guest Signature 


Owner Name


Guest Name