A Virtual Mailing Address is your modern solution to enhancing your professional image and expanding your business reach. With this service, you can establish a prestigious business address in a prime location without the need for physical office space.

[Your Full Name or Company Name]

[Suite or Unit Number] [Street Address or P.O. Box]

[City], [State/Province] [Postal Code]

[Country, if applicable]

[Additional Information, if needed, like Floor/Building details]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Email Address]

[Optional: Alternative Contact Person’s Name]

[Optional: Alternative Contact Person’s Phone Number]

[Optional: Any Special Handling Instructions]

[Virtual Mailing Service Information]

Virtual Mailing Service Provider: [Provider Name]

Account Number: [Your Account Number]

Virtual Address ID: [Unique Address ID]

Service Plan: [Selected Plan Name]

[Mail Handling Instructions]

  1. Regular Mail Forwarding: [Frequency of Forwarding, e.g., Weekly, Monthly]
  2. Package Handling: [How Packages are Handled, e.g., Hold for Pickup, Forwarding]
  3. Mail Scanning: [Whether Mail can be Scanned and Emailed]
  4. Shredding or Recycling: [Mail Disposal Instructions]
  5. Return to Sender: [Process for Return Mail Handling]

[Optional: Additional Services]

– Call Notification: [Whether You Receive Notifications for Incoming Calls]

– Fax Handling: [How Incoming Faxes are Handled]

– Meeting Room Booking: [If the Provider Offers Meeting Room Booking]

[Payment and Billing Information]

Billing Cycle: [Monthly/Quarterly/Annually]

Billing Method: [Credit Card/PayPal/Other]

Billing Address: [Your Billing Address]

Payment Due Date: [Due Date for Subscription Payment]

[Important Dates]

Contract Start Date: [Date When You Signed Up]

Contract End Date: [If Applicable]

Renewal Date: [Next Renewal Date]

[Provider Contact Information]

Customer Support Phone: [Customer Support Phone Number]

Customer Support Email: [Customer Support Email Address]

Provider Website: [Provider’s Website URL]

[Additional Notes or Instructions]

[Include any other relevant information or instructions]

Note:  Remember to replace the placeholders with your actual information and adapt the template based on the specific services and features offered by your virtual mailing service provider. Always review the provider’s guidelines and terms of service to ensure accurate information and compliance with their requirements.