As serviced apartments differ greatly from a standard short-term rental homes. Also come and experience the wonders that Dhaka has to offer for yourself.

Avoid the time and bother of searching for hotels if you are arranging a professional experience placement or internship as part of your degree. Our short-term rentals include everything you could possibly want in a holiday property. You should just focus on having fun while on vacation. Utilizing our services will be enjoyable for you.

The terms and conditions of a stay at a rental property are specified in a short-term rental homes agreement. Which is a contract between the host (the owner of the property) and the renter (the visitor). This contract, often know as a holiday rental agreement, is typically create for a brief renting duration.

Key Elements Of A Vacation Rental Agreement

The specifics of your case will determine which clauses you should include in your short-term rental agreement. Because every vacation rental property is unique. You should provide the following essential provisions in your contract:

  • Provide the rental’s house number, street address, city or town, and area code, as well as a thorough description of the space you are renting out and a list of the facilities you are willing to provide.
  • Include full legal names for all parties involved in the rental agreement, as well as the full names of any visitors who will be staying at the home during the rental time.
  • Describe all aspects of payment, including the rental rate and extra costs like cleaning fees and pet fees, as well as payment due dates and a security deposit.
  • House regulations: Clearly state your no-pets, no-smoking, no-noise, and age restrictions, and emphasize the consequences for breaching the rules.
  • The agreement is absolutely invalid without a legitimate signature from both sides, so make sure your visitors sign it in the appropriate spot.

Motives For Utilizing A Short-Term Rental Agreement

A short-term rental agreement is not always used by hosts and property managers when interacting with visitors. Some may be concerned that making visitors sign a contract that would be legally binding before making a reservation for their property may turn them off. 

However, a rental agreement may be quite advantageous for both hosts and guests. Because it safeguards your possessions as well as those of your visitors.

  • It provides visibility. The chance of disagreements and conflicts later on is reduced because you and your guests may debate any topics before putting them on record.
  • Legal protection is provided to each party. You are both legally bound to the contract after you and your visitors have studied it and signed it. One side may file a lawsuit against the other if the other disregards the agreement.

Finding The Perfect Short-Term Furnished Apartment: Three Useful Tips


A place to stay will likely be necessary if you are moving to a new city for a job or internship.  When visiting a city for a lengthy period of time, staying in a hotel room, even one with a low price tag, will be far too expensive.


  •  Take taxes into account:A hotel tax is often levied on short-term leases or rental durations. Therefore, if you rent for a longer length of time, you may be able to avoid the additional tax. Check with your landlord or leasing office to find out what type of taxes you’ll be paying. You don’t want to blow your budget by failing to account for all of the costs.      
  • Search for Neighborhood Contacts: Corporate housing short-term rentals in Dhaka, Bangladesh, may be available on websites like, a valuable resource. If there is a manager or other local contact who can answer any inquiries you may have about the region. inquire about them.

  • Take Proximity into Account: The search for a completely furnished apartment may be expanded to include locations such as Dhaka, Bangladesh. Moving outside the walking distance radius of your business or government employment will often save you money.

Managing Short-Term Rentals Has Three Advantages


Leasing or renting out property is a well-known financial strategy and a reliable source of revenue in the real estate industry. Short-term rentals, sometimes referred to as holiday rentals, are one sort of rental that has greatly increased in popularity in recent years. 

  • Less deterioration: The benefit of having a short-term rental is that renters constantly move in and out. This indicates that the property isn’t utilize frequently, which greatly reduces the amount of deterioration. 


  • Economic Prospects: Short-term rentals have the potential to be quite profitable, as we have discussed. Property owners are free to determine their own fees in accordance with their needs, the season, the kind of property, and other factors. 

  • Environmental Factors: Certain property owners could be interested in one or more of the social advantages. You have control over how much interaction you have with your visitors as the owner or host. 

Some Few Notable Disadvantages Of Short-Term Accommodation

1. Reduced regularity in payments – If you are counting on a stable income, a tenant for a year is much more of a sure thing. You might go for several weeks or even months without finding a short-term renter.

2. Running a short-term rental requires extra work– Typically, you take over as the innkeeper. You’ll be handling all of the work to entice tenants, including billing clients and arranging appointments. 

3. There is a higher danger of theft, damage, or troublesome tenants because of the sheer number of individuals who will be coming and going through your doors.

Final Thoughts

Due to the possibility for revenue, marketing automation provided by websites like Generally,  flexibility and tax advantages, many homeowners select a short-term rental approach. A short-term home rental lease and renter demand less commitment and are ideal if the owners intend to live in the house themselves.