5 Safe Rental Methods for Furnished Apartments

Although completely furnished rentals are often more expensive than standard apartments, short-term renters appreciate the simplicity and convenience of not having to furnish a space. If you intend to rent out a completely furnished flat, you should take some security measures to safeguard your home and its belongings. For more information, continue reading.

1) Screen tenants before renting

It’s important to choose the correct tenant if you want your furnished apartment rental to go smoothly.

2) Obtain insurance

If you are renting out a co-op or condo rather than residing in it, your insurance coverage needs to be updated.

3) Secure the furniture with a deposit

Although the security deposit for a rental home is limited to one month’s rent, you are still allowed to request some protection on the furniture.

4) Communicate with your tenants

To make sure nothing is falling apart throughout the tenancy, Kee advises sending your tenant an email or giving them a call either monthly or semi-annually. This enables you to maintain the rental’s caliber.

5) Hire a cleaning crew

Furnished apartment landlords frequently charge an obligatory cleaning fee to cover the cost of a cleaner visiting on a weekly or monthly basis. Your furniture will likely receive additional protection from wear and tear or damage from spills or animals if you regularly clean it.

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